Alfred Morris Needs 104 Yards to Break Clinton Portis’s Rushing Record

Alfred Morris Needs 104 Yards to Break Clinton Portis’s Rushing Record

Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris has been on a roll this season. The rookie has already tallied up 1,413 yards this year rushing the ball 302 times for ten touchdowns. All of those numbers are Redskins records for rookie running backs.

Morris has rushed for 100 yards in three out of the last five games (the other two he rushed for 87 and 91, respectively). The numbers don’t lie as Alfred Morris is 104 yards away from breaking the all-time single-season Redskins rushing record, currently held by Clinton Portis with 1,516 yards. Portis has held the record since 2005. Morris will get his shot at the record Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, a game that will decide the NFC East champion this year.

It’s amazing that with all the backs that have played in the burgundy and gold that Morris is about to become the top rusher, as a rookie.

In the preseason the “experts” all across the board said he wouldn’t ever be an every down running back and that the Redskins offensive line wasn’t good enough to open holes for anyone. The critics now stand quietly with no opinions to give as Morris has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The soft-spoken gentleman continues to be a stable section of the Redskins offense in every game. In any other year, Alfred Morris would be the top name in rookie of the year talks, as it stands he will probably finish 4th this season behind RG3, Andrew Luck and Russel Wilson (in no particular order).

Alfred Morris Needs 104 Yards to Break Clinton Portis's Rushing Record

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