Bacarri Rambo’s Idol was Sean Taylor

Bacarri RamboAs many of us know, Sean Taylor was a special individual who inspired many. One of those “many” as it turns out is one of the newest members of the Washington Redskins.

Sixth round pick Bacarri Rambo’s idol was the late Sean Taylor.

In an interview at the Senior Bowl with‘s Steve Shoup, Rambo was asked “Were there safeties that you looked up to when you were younger?”

Rambo replied, “I used to look up to Sean Taylor. Rest in peace to a great man, he was a great player. I really respected him, and  looked up to him.”

“Right now (out of active players), I’d say Ed Reed. I just like his playing style. I just try to do certain things like him, like reading the quarterback and just playing certain types of coverages. And just having that knack for the ball.

When asked The Redskins need some safety help. What would it mean to you to be drafted by a team that a guy you idolized played for?”

Rambo replied, “It would mean a lot to me. It would be just such an honor just to play for them. I would really enjoy playing for them. It’s a great city and I know that I get a lot of love and support from a great fan base.”

When asked What’s the one part of Sean Taylor’s game that you really try to model yourself after?”

Rambo replied, “His hard-hitting. He had great instincts and he was a hard hitter. So that’s something that I tried to put on the field along with the great ball skills by Ed Reed. So that’s two combinations of safeties that I tried to put together and bring to the table for my team.”

If you take a minute and watch his highlights you can see the similarities in how they play, in all respect to Rambo, he’s no where close yet to filling the shoes of either of those men, but he has good size, an athletic skill and a decent set of hands, all of which are  factors that will play in his favor as competes for playing time with the Redskins.

One thing I will give him, he already has the best name ever for safety.

When asked if he believed his name was a great name for a rangy, hard-hitting safety, Rambo replied, “Yeah, it’s pretty nice. Thanks to my dad for all that. For chaining me to that. So, I give all the credit to my dad.”

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