Comcast Introduces New Xfinity Sports App

Comcast Introduces New Xfinity Sports App

Last week we caught up with our friends over at Comcast and learned about the new Xfinity Sports App on X1. The Xfinity Sports Lab has re-engineering the app to give Redskins fans more data and statistics – typically only available on the second screen – directly on TV, via the X1 platform.

The Football Extras platform will be complete with pre-game player / team comparisons, injury reports, in-game drive stats, fantasy stats and leaders, win/loss probabilities and full post-game analysis.

Developed in partnership with a technology company OneTwoSee, Baseball and Football Extras pulls in and aggregates data from several sources, presenting real-time stats and visualizations along the right-hand side of the screen in a rotating, carousel fashion just like the sports graphics and news tickers fans are familiar with watching on TV.

The X1 Entertainment Operating System is a cloud-based set-top box that lets customers search, navigate and discover tens of thousands of movies and shows in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

Fans get to see real-time stats and analysis during the game and which players racked up the most fantasy points immediately in the post-game recap.


Features include:

  • Unified search and instant play, content recommendations and the ability to find entertainment options in seconds from TV listings, DVR recordings, personal favorites and Xfinity On Demand.
  • Specially tailored-for-TV features such as music, radio, sports and weather apps.
  • “For You” personalized content screen, including programming recommendations.
  • Comcast Labs area for experimental new features.
  • The industry’s first voice-guided TV interface – the X1 talking guide. The talking guide is the nation’s first voice-guided TV interface and brings a new level of accessibility to the X1 platform, revolutionizing the way both able-bodied and disabled Xfinity TV customers watch TV.
  • Voice remote that allows customers to navigate tens of thousands of shows and movies on the X1 platform with their voice.

Below is the full press release from XFINITY:

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