Five Bold Predictions for the 2014 Washington Redskins

Five Bold Predictions for the 2014 Washington Redskins

So here we are, ten days before Washington Redskins training camp opens. This year we’ve decided to do a few new things here at HTTR4LIFE, predictions for the upcoming year will be one of them. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘prediction’ as: “a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future”…key word in that definition being “might.”

So without further holdup…here, we go.

  1. Ryan Kerrigan AND Brian Orakpo will BOTH have 12+ sacks.  —— This year Jim Haslett says he’s “turning the linebackers loose.” That can only mean good things for Orakpo and Kerrigan. After being franchise tagged earlier this off-season, Orakpo may have to hit somewhere in the 15 sack area to get the long-term, big money contract he is seeking.
  2. Robert Griffin III will start ALL 16 games this season and make the Pro Bowl. —— Griffin would have started all 16 games a year ago had he not been shut down early by then-coach Mike Shanahan.
  3. The Redskins will beat Dallas and Philly TWICE in 2014. —— Not all that bold when considering that this will likely be a down year in the East, the boldest part of this statement may be sweeping the Eagles… the thing is, I’m not sure Philadelphia will be all that great in 2014. If Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy have the type of year Eagles coach Chip Kelly is hoping for, that may be an extremely tough task. Of course no matter how horrible the Cowboys are sweeping them is no easy task either. The rivalry has proved year in and year out that records for the current year mean nothing when those two play.
  4. Alfred Morris will rush for over 1500 yards in 2014. —— Fact is Morris had 1600+ yards rushing his rookie year and may have seen that again a year ago had it not been for the Redskins playing from behind the majority of games and forcing the team to pass more often.
  5. The Washington Redskins will go 10-6 and win the NFC East in 2014. —– Again, not all that bold, but I have a feeling about this years team…with the weapons they possess on offense they should be able to put points on the scoreboard and be in most every game this season.

Well, there you go. Remember that it’s only July and training camp hasn’t even started yet…and after all, these are only predictions.

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