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Flashback Friday: Darrell Green


Darrell Ray Green was born in Houston, Texas on February 15, 1960. Little did the world, or the state of Texas know that such a great man and football player had been born that day. Green will long be remembered for many different reasons, but most will remember a little guy with the heart of a lion, who could run like a cheetah.  Taken with the last pick in the first round of the 1983 draft, Green may be the best draft pick the Washington Redskins ever made this side of Sammy Baugh.

Green had more moments than I can begin to mention without missing a few, so I figured I would share this video, and let it be today’s walk down memory lane!

Due to copyright restrictions you will need to CLICK HERE to view the video.

Hail to Darrell Green!

You can visit Darrell’s Hall of Fame page by clicking HERE.

Here is a list of Darrell’s NFL records and achievements he still holds.

  • Most seasons with one team (20); tied with Jackie Slater
  • Most seasons with one team in one city (20)
  • Most consecutive seasons with an interception (19)
  • Most seasons with at least one touch(receptions, rushes, returns) (20); tied with Jerry Rice
  • Most consecutive seasons with at least one touch (20); tied with Jerry Rice
  • Oldest player with a 35+ yard gain(lateral on punt return), (42 years, 327 days)
  • Oldest player with an interception return for a touchdown in overtime, (35 years, 249 days)
  • Oldest player with an interception (41 years, 304 days)
  • Oldest player with an 80+ yard interception return (37 years, 309 days)
  • Oldest player with a non-offensive touchdown in overtime, (35 years, 249 days)
  • Oldest NFL cornerback (42 years old)
  • 2nd Oldest player to return an interception for a touchdown (37 years, 309 days)(Albert Louis is the oldest: 38 years, 26 days)
  • Most games played by a defensive player (295)
  • 4 time NFL’s Fastest Man Competition winner, only player to win multiple times and never lose
  • 1996 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award winner