Jay Gruden Says He Doesn’t Know What a Catch is Anymore

Jay Gruden Press Conference 7-30-2015

Jay Gruden Says He Doesn’t Know What a Catch is Anymore

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden spoke to reporters on Monday. The question of discussion was centered on the near interception by David Bruton in the end zone. Gruden was perplexed by the officials final call.

“I’ve heard that everybody says it was an interception except for the replay guy. I don’t know what the rule is. We just have got to live by it.”

Certainly that sounds like the response of a coach that is now unsure of a major ‘grey-area’ in the rule-book that he is clueless over. “I thought his elbow was down, I thought his butt was down, I thought he had control of the ball,” said Gruden. “I thought it was a clear challengeable play, it just didn’t work out for us. I don’t know what a catch is anymore. I don’t know if anybody does. We just are at the mercy of the result.”

In fact, the “grey-area” the rule has now left Gruden, and many other coaches around the league, at a major disadvantage.

“I thought I could have maybe challenged the one Josh Norman stripped on Odell too. That was close. I was afraid. You know, you’ve just got to take the information that is given to you from upstairs or what you see on the replay and make a decision and hope for the best, but it didn’t work out for us.”

The league needs to be clear on this rule and hold the officials in every game to a certain overall standard of enforcing a more clear understanding of what is, or isn’t a catch. Certainly this will make it easier for coaches to be able to determine the need for reviews, or even just to argue their point to the sideline officials. If a coach doesn’t have a full understanding of how the rules work, or if the officials are not consistent, then how can this particular section of football work for anyone?

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