London Fletcher No. 86: NFL Top 100 Players of 2013 (Video)

The NFL annually does a ‘Top Players of’ list (voted on by the players) after each season as most people know. This years list is being shown on NFL Network the next couple of weeks and London Fletcher was listed at number 86.

Fletcher is the second Redskins player to be o the list so far, as Trent Williams ranked in at number 99.

The 5-10, 245 Fletcher is about to start his 16th NFL season, year number 15 was a gem by anyone’s standard.

All London Fletcher did was register 141 tackles, 78 unassisted, get 5 interceptions and make 3 sacks.

Fletcher was named the Pro Bowl as a alternate last year and continued to be the captain of the Redskins defense despite having major issues with his ankle and elbow, both of which required surgery after the season.

One could make a valid argument that London Fletcher should be much higher on this list.  Since the players vote on this list, I’m wondering what they were thinking when they penciled in Fletch that low.

There are sure to be more EVEN Redskins players on the list….stay tuned.

London Fletcher

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