NFL Admits Mistake in Redskins vs Panthers Game

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This past weekend most Redskins fans were completely irate at what appeared to be a horrible call, or should I say wrongful whistling. Of course the officials in the game originally tried to say that they blew the whistle after DeAngelo Williams was already in the end-zone, today the league admitted that they were wrong on the play. By admitting this, the NFL is basically letting us know that they changed the landscape of the game wrongfully. Most Skins fans probably already realize that this changed the flow of the game and could be pointed at as the spot where things got bad.

Watching the replay will show you that at least one player (Perry Riley) had an easy shot at knocking Williams out of bounds but he pulled up when he heard the whistle blow, not to mention DeAngelo Hall was held as well.

No one will ever know if the Panthers would have ever scored a few plays later or not, but one thing is for sure…the officiating units each weekend need to be held accountable when they screw up just like everyone else. Of course that’s just my jaded opinion.