Opportunity is Knocking for Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson

Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson

Opportunity is Knocking for Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson

By now every Washington Redskins fan has heard that Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker were both lost for the season last week. Now what every Redskins fan should realize is that yes, these injuries do hurt the defense, but, the Redskins have capable backups at both positions which should balance out the loss.

Last year in training camp Jarvis Jenkins was the talk of the Redskins community on twitter, but Jenkins was lost due to a knee injury that kept him shelved his entire rookie season. This season, Jenkins has at times, looked like he hasn’t returned quite yet to the level of play that had many thinking he would be a huge contributor last season. When Carriker went down last weekend with a torn quad injury, Jenkins was presented with a chance that he needs to deliver on.

Jenkins doesn’t yet do a good job of consistently occupying two blockers, freeing up the linebackers. And he hasn’t yet learned to stay low all the time and take advantage of his strength in moving blockers back. When Jenkins stays low, he’s tough to handle. But too often by his second step he’s a bit high and loses leverage. With Orakpo out, the Redskins need another dynamic player within the front seven, and if he can get past the few things I just mentioned, then he can very well be that guy. Kendrick Golston is available if Jenkins is ineffective.

Rob Jackson is a player who I have viewed as a linebacker who could start on several other teams. This Sunday Jackson will get his shot to prove to the Redskins coaching staff that he can fill in for Brian Orakpo this season. Some view Jackson as an all-around better fit in the Redskins defensive scheme. If Jackson can’t prove to get, the job done the Redskins also have Chris Wilson and Markus White to turn to.

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