Rated R Radio: Episode 2 – Redskins Are One Game Out? (PODCAST)

Rated R Radio: Episode 2 - Redskins Are One Game Out? (PODCAST)

Redskins Are One Game Out?

This week we’re excited to be back for the second edition of our podcast “Rated R Radio.” On this episode (Redskins Are One Game Out?), we go over the Redskins win last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as a look at this week’s game against the Tennessee Titans. The Redskins have been battered all season with injuries and this week is no different…we’ll take an inside look at what the injury report looks like this week for both teams.

Make sure to check out this week’s HTTR4LIFE Pregame Report for more up-to-date information before game time.

We’ll be rolling new things out on the podcast each week including a call-in show, former Redskins player guests, and possible Facebook Live events in the near future. Some weeks we’ll have special appearances and topics depending on what is going on inside the sports realm.

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