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DeAngelo Hall Released; Brandon Banks Will not Return to the Redskins

128506 330 0 300x268 DeAngelo Hall Released; Brandon Banks Will not Return to the RedskinsIn what may be the least shocking news of the day, Mike Jones from the Post is reporting that the Redskins have released DeAngelo Hall.

Hall was set to account for nearly $8 million dollars in cap space this year. The move is based purely on money, or lack there of for the Redskins to retain Hall.

DeAngelo Hall’s contract is the one of the reason’s the Redskins were given the $36 million dollar salary cap penalty when they dumped all of his bonus money into the 2010 “uncapped” year.

It is still possible the Redskins could re-sign Hall to a cheaper deal, but the current contract was out of the question.

Wide Receiver/Return man, Brandon Banks will not be back next year as the Redskins decided not to tender him an offer today.

Chris Baker was offered a  a right of first refusal qualifying offer (meaning if another team decides to sign him, the Redskins would have 7 days to match it and would receive no compensation if they didn’t match the offer) worth $1.3 million dollars for one year.

A 4:30 press conference has been scheduled where General Manager Bruce Allen and Head Coach Mike Shanahan will speak about free agency. The overall thought is that there may be more players to add to the list of cuts….this could get interesting.


Adam Carriker has agreed to restructure his contract. This is what Carriker had to say “It’s unfortunate that the league is penalizing us. I was willing to help. Whatever I can do to help the team.”

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