Redskins Getting MMA Training During Offseason Workouts

Redskins Getting MMA Training During Offseason Workouts

Redskins Getting MMA Training During Offseason Workouts

The Washington Redskins are using Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) techniques as a part of their offseason conditioning program.

The Redskins coaches are hoping  the MMA training will translate into an advantage during the season.

“We’re doing a few different things this year in the offseason program to change it up,” Adam Carriker said recently on 4th & Pain.

Carriker believes the hand placement techniques that the MMA instructor is teaching will give a huge advantage to lineman battling for position.

“I think it’s extremely crucial for lineman,” said Carriker. “Just because you’re stronger doesn’t mean you’re going to win (in the trenches). You need to have low pad level, good hand placement, and especially being a defensive lineman doing the chop club, doing the club rip.”

As you may already be thinking, the players aren’t completely subscribing to the “all work and no play” thought pattern.

“They’re trying to semi kick the crap out of each other in a playful way,” said Carriker. “They’re having fun with it.”

Carriker, whose season was cut short by a torn quadriceps tendon in 2012, says a lot of players take up boxing for similar reasons.

Asked about the odds of the Redskins installing an octagon full-time, Carriker replied, “I think we should just do the steel cage,” he joked while sliding into pro wrestling mode. “Niles Paul, you called me out on Twitter. Quit running from me.”

From what Adam says that disagreement began after Paul stole a WWE title belt that hang’s in Carriker’s locker and proclaimed himself to be stronger than the man who has ‘the largest arms on the d-line.’

The team went a different route last year when the used a palates instructor from a studio owned by Kedric Golston and former teammate Lorenzo Alexander.

4th and Pain  is hosted by Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and weight loss champion Chuck Carroll. It is the best (and only) pro wrestling radio show hosted by a NFL player and a guy who dropped 250 pounds.

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