RGIII: “You Can’t Double Team Everybody”

RGIII: “You Can’t Double Team Everybody”

Washington Redskins players Robert Griffin III, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson spoke with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders on “Inside Training Camp Live’ on Friday. The topic of the conversation was about how the Redskins plan on keeping everybody happy in an offense that features two receivers who gained over 1300 yards a piece last season.

“Winning, that’s what it comes down to.

They’ll make the most of their opportunities,” said RGIII. “I’m gonna give them a chance to make plays. Pierre always tells me during the season, ‘Just put it up there, I’ll go get it’ and I know DeSean is the same way.

You gotta know, Pierre got a lot of double coverage last year.

DeSean got a lot of double coverage last year. So when you put them both on the same team, you can’t double cover everybody. You got Andre Roberts, Jordan Reed, Alfred Morris in the backfield. All we need to do is protect and we’ll be good.”

When Sanders asked about Griffin’s mobility, Griffin swiftly responded.

“I feel good. The protection outside the pocket is on me, I’ve got to get down, slide, get out of bounds and I’ve got to trust the guys up front to block for us and we’ll be good.”

Jackson was asked if he still had that “chip on his shoulder”.

“Every time I step on the field there is a chip on my shoulder. I’m just happy to be the new addition here in Washington. These guys (Garcon and Griffin) are great friends of mine, before we had to play each other, now we get to go out and just win.”

After Deion went back and forth for a second basically saying Jackson had been disrespected in Philadelphia, he made a reference (directed at Griffin)  to the new coach and new system, new outlook the Redskins are bringing in. RGIII responded by saying:

“Oh it’s going to be fun. You know, you talk about the chip that he (Jackson) has on his shoulder, I know Pierre has always played with one on his, you can see that on game days. We play for each other, the way you feel like he got disrespected, you know I got disrespected too.”

DeSean cut in and said:

“See people don’t know he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder too.”

They all laughed.

Griffin said, “We’re all ready to just move forward with this new regime that we have.”

It’s good to hear that Griffin is playing with a “chip on his shoulder”. Too many times last season the media was quick to jump all over this kid and label him the bad guy, some are still saying his game isn’t right for the NFL. One thing I’ve noticed about this kid since I started watching him at Baylor is that he thrives off adversity and being doubted. It’s my belief that he will bounce back strong this season.

Now is the time for Griffin and Jackson both to silence the doubters and kick this era of Redskins football off the right way.

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