RGIII Serves as Grand Marshall of DC’s Memorial Day Parade

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III paid tribute to those who served and sacrificed today, not only in tweets but in deeds as well. Griffin served as an honorary grand marshal in Washington, D.C.’s Memorial Day parade this afternoon.

Both of RGIII’s parents (both Army veterans) accompanied him in the parade.

“Today’s not about me,” he told WTOP.  “It’s about the brothers and sisters, the fathers and mothers, the aunts the uncles the cousins, everyone who’s died to help us live the way we live, to even have the opportunity to have this parade. So that’s what we’re here honoring.”

“It’s not about me,” he told WUSA. “They asked me to come out because they wanted my parents to be here. And I told them without a doubt I was gonna be here, because I want my parents to experience this, because they put in the time.”

“I think people get Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day mixed up,” he told WTOP’s Andrew Mollenbeck. “Memorial Day’s more about the people who died — celebrating the fact that there’s people out there that made the ultimate sacrifice for us to live the way we live. And I was blessed enough to have my parents both come back from service in wars. Not everybody that I grew up with was blessed enough to have that opportunity. So it’s about celebrating those people.”

Memorial Day Parade

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