RGIII: “I Think it’s Safe to say I Won’t be Wearing the Brace”

As he stated last year, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III intends to not wear the bulky brace that many, including some of his teammates, believe hurt his running speed and agility a season ago while he was recovering from major knee surgery.

RG3 recently confirmed his decision with CSN’s Tarik-El Bashir.

When asked about the brace, Griffin said “I took it off the year after [ACL surgery] at Baylor [in 2009. Me, Larry Hess, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Casolaro, Dr. Annunziata, we’ll all sit down and figure it out. But, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be wearing the brace.”

One of the biggest debates amongst analyst’s and fans of last season was did the knee brace hold him back or was he still hurt?

How much better will Griffin be in 2014? That’s a question we will have to wait until fall to answer, but lets just say I’m expecting a big third year out of him.

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