Andre Roberts: “We all Want to Have 1000-yard Seasons”

Andre Roberts: “We all Want to Have 1000-yard Seasons”

Make no mistake about it, Andre Roberts more than likely would not have signed with the Washington Redskins if he would have known the team had any chance of signing DeSean Jackson. Of course who would have known the Redskins had any chance of getting Jackson when the team made their move to get the services of Roberts during free agency. Many, including myself, believe that Roberts is a worthy number 2 receiver with speed and toughness. Fact is, he’s no DeSean Jackson, but that’s okay because not many in the NFL are.

But don’t let that make you believe Roberts isn’t still directed at making the most of his time with the Redskins.

“There’s never enough balls to go around for a receiver,” Roberts told CSN Washington this week. “We all want the ball,we all want to have the 1,000-yard season, we all want to have 50-, 60-, 70-plus catches, but we understand, in order for us to win, that may not happen for everybody.”

“We’re all going to be playmakers, we’re all going to be big parts of this offense, so on Sundays we just have to click.”

Roberts made a valid point by saying they all want the big year, but they all also realize that winning is the most important thing. And of course, as Robert Griffin III said, “You can’t double team everybody.”

Roberts is in prime position to be the most dangerous slot receiver in all of  football with a receiver on each side of him who amassed over 1300 yards each last season. Add in Jordan Reed and defenses will be scrambling all year to figure the Redskins offense out.

It should also be pointed out that Andre Roberts is a shoe-in to be the return man on both punts and kick-offs this season, roles that have been in desperate need of filling for quite some time in DC.

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