Tanard Jackson Suspended Indefinitely…Again

Tanard Jackson Suspended Indefinitely

The Washington Redskins posted a message to their twitter account on Wednesday. What it wasn’t, was anything to do with the teams 82nd birthday, which by the way, is today. What it was may not shock many but will infuriate everyone who knows the history behind the player the tweet concerned.

Here is the message:

Now after giving all of you a second to curse at your computer screens, lets look at this situation. Jackson hasn’t played a full season since 2008. He missed the last two seasons because of suspensions, and the Redskins had just brought him back this offseason after he was reinstated. It’s the fourth suspension of Jackson’s career…and likely his last.

Jackson, who is 28 and was once thought of as major prospect, has effectively ruined his football career. Many, including myself, thought he would have a legitimate shot at making the 53-man roster this up-coming season with question marks at the safety position for Washington.

In the end, Tanard Jackson never even put the burgundy and gold on in a regular season game.

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