RG3 was the Star at the White House Correspondents Dinner After Party

Just another normal weekend for Robert Griffin III, jumping jacks on national television and then a controversy surrounding whether or not he would attend the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Griffin didn’t attend the dinner (per team representative), but he did join the after-party with Daniel and Tanya Snyder.

Of all the A-list Hollywood types at the starry after party hosted by Vanity Fair and Bloomberg, the surprise hit of the evening was Robert Griffin III. Team owner Dan Snyder proudly ushered his franchise player around the gardens of the French ambassador’s residence, his wife Tanya and Griffin’s fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat following behind them just a bit as one star after another approached for a moment or a photo with the 23-year-old, who was poised, gracious and smiling through every encounter.

“It’s cool to meet all these people,” Griffin said.

Among the stars who came running over to get his RGIII photo: Kevin Spacey.

Big fan? “He’s, like, heroic,” Spacey insisted.

We wouldn’t have taken Spacey for a Redskins fan, but the double-Oscar winner told us that yes, indeed, he keeps up with the team even from Britain, where he’s living now and working as artistic director for the Old Vic theater.

“It just goes to show you,” he told us, “not to make assumptions about anybody.”

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