VIDEO: Sean Taylor 2016 Movie – “Unforgettable”

Sean Taylor 2016 Movie

Former Miami Hurricanes and Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor cast a wide shadow over everyone around him on the football field in a way that only the great ones of the game have done before him. The young man was the epitome of what a football player was and is supposed to be.

Tragically the world will never know just how good he could have been, as Taylor was gunned down in his own home while defending his family at the age of 24.

The small amount of football that Sean played in his short professional career along with his time in college, is all his fans have to hold onto now nine years later. While the game may have changed from the time he owned the secondary, his legend continues to grow as new generations realize what a talent he was.

Many of us never knew him personally, but yet losing him felt very much like losing a member of our family. While Sean the person was taken from us, his passion and spirit will forever live on inside of us all. Hail to Sean Taylor!

The video is below…enjoy!

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