Rashad Ross Continues His Fight for Roster Spot

Rashad Ross Continues His Fight for Roster Spot

Rashad Ross Continues His Fight for Roster Spot

Considering the many fumbles that have cursed him lately, the hard work Rashad Ross has been displaying hasn’t really surprised anyone. The Washington Redskins receiver needed to bounce back and if the NFL betting lines are anything to go by, he just might have earned his redemption.

With four dropped passes in camp and a fumble (as well as a drop) in the preseason opener, it will take everything he has for Ross to hang onto the final receiving position. Just because Ross has proven that he has the speed, in some instances showing that he might be the fastest Redskins receiver, doesn’t mean he won’t get the short end of the straw if he fails to manifest consistency and stability.

The precarious nature of his position isn’t lost on Ross, who admitted that he was not only mortified by his failures in previous games but that he went into the opening game at Atlanta determined to catch every single deep ball that came his way.

The fans know what Ross can do; he showed as much during the preseason game against the New York Jets when he made a catch in the end zone with a defensive back draped on him.

Things don’t look too terrible for Ross at the moment, though that is hardly a reason to let his guard down. None the less, Ross was probably in higher spirits when he went to camp, having had the edge for the last receiving spot at the time.

Ross had a strong showing in the 2015 camp. Not only did his performance help him win a job but he also had a touchdown to show for his efforts during the season (this along with catching 8 passes for 184 yards).

Everyone player knows that they have to display the ability to make big plays. This is what draws attention, and Ross’ 24.4 yards average on kick returns (with one touchdown) wasn’t so bad.

Of course, Ross must understand by now that his spot is hardly secure. That is the problem with life as a receiver; holding onto that final spot is not easy. And it isn’t like Ross is the only impressive talent around.

If he is as keen as some people think, then he should be well aware of the likes of T.J. Thorpe and Valdez Showers, two talented receivers that could easily displace him.

Ross still has an opportunity to come out ahead. Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden admitted that his decision to keep Ross came down to the impressive plays he made in the last preseason. The plays Ross has made in this preseason are decent enough, though, Gruden is clearly still evaluating Ross to determine if he is the right fit.

The fact that nothing is guaranteed cannot be lost on Ross. There is still so much for Coach Gruden to worry about when it comes to that particular spot. So far, Ross is delivering.

At this point, Gruden can do little more than sit back, wait and see whether Ross will maintain his impressive performance in the next game.

Rashad Ross Continues His Fight for Roster Spot

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