Adam Peters is a Breath of Fresh Air for This Fanbase – w/Podcast Video

The Washington Commanders kicked off a new era of football Tuesday afternoon when the franchise introduced their new GM, Adam Peters. The short video above gives my thoughts on the afternoon, but it’s not hard to see for yourself how perfect for this job Peters is.

With a smile that lit up the entire room and a family who stole the show thereafter, this is our guy. According to former colleagues, what you see is what you get. Peters is here to do one thing…win.

Next on the agenda list is hiring a coach who will lead his vision out on the field.

Peters Ready to Put his Mark on the Franchise


Adam Peters was asked how important it was to choose Washington as a place to have a blank canvas and put his stamp on an organization:

Adam Peters: “It was everything to me. This opportunity with this ownership group, in this place, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me and our family. And that’s why when this came about, and I got to meet with everybody, right away, I was all in. I probably wasn’t a very good negotiator, but I told him I was all in, and it made it easy for me to pass up other opportunities, which were great opportunities as well. But this was the best opportunity in my mind in the NFL.”

Josh Harris: “Unfortunately, he was a good negotiator. So, thank his agent for that. But look, I think that Adam had done a lot of work. It’s worth pointing out. He had done a lot of work on us, came in super prepared, had researched the team, had researched all of us, had researched the opportunity, had a lot of questions, but at the same time it felt like it was an opportunity that he had identified before we had met and then obviously we all ended up moving forward together.”

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