Washington Redskins Fans Start Petition to Remove Phil Simms From Calling Games

Washington Redskins Fans Start Petition to Remove  Phil Simms From Calling Games

Fans of the Washington Redskins have started an online petition to ban Phil Simms from broadcasting any Redskins games.

As many already know, Simms said a few months ago that he would refer to the REDSKINS as only “Washington” the entire time he calls their games moving forward.

Here is what the Redskins petition says: (YOU CAN SIGN IT BY CLICKING HERE)

Mr. Simms has recently stated that he will try not to use the Redskins’ name in the upcoming game against the NY Giants.  This is unacceptable and offensive to Redskin fans everywhere.  Mr. Simms is there to give unbiased insight to the game, time and again he seems incapable of doing so, trying to impose his opinion on the viewers.

Simms is set to call the New York Giants vs Washington Redskins game on September 25th. Redskins fans need to act quickly on this movement and have their voices heard!! Simms had no issue saying the team name for years and is clearly showing a negative PC bias towards the Redskins now, which is completely unacceptable. Simms should be removed from all current/future broadcasts of Redskins games and just simply be reassigned.


Simms has also come under attack recently from fans of the Denver Broncos who feel he has shown negative bias towards their team for years.

The Broncos fan petition says: (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEIR PETITION)

CBS please ban Phil Simms From Broadcasting anymore Bronco games. We do not know why he is assigned to the Broncos games every year. It is sure and complete torture for us Bronco Fans to have to listen to his biased drivel every week. Please hear us out on this, we are tired of Phil Simms in Denver!

The Broncos petition has nearly 32,000 signatures on it as of time of publication.

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