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Adrian Peterson has Some Advice for Robert Griffin III

Minnesota Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson is now the standard to which all who are returning from major knee surgery are compared, the All-Pro back took a moment Thursday to offer his take on how well Robert Griffin III is doing.

The Washington Redskins quarterback, who underwent major knee surgery in January, may have struggled in his first two games, but Peterson isn’t concerned.

“With him, it’s going to be week-by-week,” Peterson said (via ESPN). “The quarterback position is different. He’s not just running the ball. He’s back there, going through progressions and trying to find guys and really being on alert. So he’ll be okay.”

Peterson had anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery after hurting his knee in a 2011 game the day before Christmas against Washington and played in the 2012 opener. He didn’t really break free though, until the sixth week of the season, from that point on Peterson nearly broke Eric Dickerson’s rushing record. It’s all a matter of having “that confidence that the ligament is strong and trust your body.”

“Just life in general, you can kind of mess yourself up in the head thinking too much. You just tag on an injury and coming back, it can really make it hard on yourself. Mentally, just have faith in the work you put in and just go out there and play.”

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