Five Years Later, a Fanbase Still Mourns the Death of Sean Taylor

Five Years Later, a Fanbase Still Mourns the Death of Sean Taylor

The morning of November 27, 2007, was a surreal moment for many of the fans of the Washington Redskins as well as for the loving family of Sean Taylor. That morning we all woke to hear that Taylor, who had been shot the day before in what appeared to be a home invasion robbery gone wrong, had died. Looking beyond the fact that Sean was the best player the Redskins had on their roster at the time, he was also a pillar in the Redskins community and a loving father who had worked hard to change his life from the troubled past it had seen.

Five Years Later, a Fanbase Still Mourns

What is even worse is the fact that no one in Sean Taylor’s family has been allowed to have closure in this situation. The five young men who were arrested for the murder have yet to see trial as their case continues to be postponed over and over. The five are set to go to court on April 5, 2013, some 5 and half years after they were arrested.

Redskins fans will forever remember a player who ascended to the top of the league in just three years as a feared free safety. Those same fans will remember the connection they felt with that young man and the pain of losing him at the age of twenty-four as well. Five years later, his fans still honor his memory daily with Facebook pictures, posts, and prayers of Sean. In a way, he has become a burgundy and gold angel for all of us to remember and a constant reminder of just how precious life is.

The Washington Redskins had a promotion this summer to name ten new former Redskins to their list of greatest all-time players, and Sean Taylor was at the top of that list (video below). Although he didn’t play long enough in the NFL to make the hall of fame, he will forever be enshrined in the hearts of Redskins fans worldwide.

RIP Sean Michael Maurice Taylor

April 1, 1983 – November 27, 2007

Forever 21 —–>HAIL!!!

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