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Jay Gruden Doesn’t Envision RG3 Practicing Anytime Soon

Robert Griffin III To Start Individual Drills This Week

Jay Gruden Doesn’t Envision RG3 Practicing Anytime Soon

Speculation has swirled as of late in reference to when Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III would return to practice, and ultimately to the field. Griffin dislocated his ankle in the first quarter of week 2’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

First year Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden isn’t one to speculate, as a matter of fact Gruden is much more of a straight-shooter when it comes to information.

In a phone interview with reporters on Tuesday, Gruden was asked if Griffin would get an increased workload this week in practice, his response was direct.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think he’ll take any practice reps”, Gruden said. “I think his increased workload will come in the training room as far as without the boot and maybe some running or maybe some treadmill work or what have you, and I’m sure the trainer has a scheduled course of events for him and as he gains more and more confidence and more and more strength. Maybe we’ll get him out there when the time is right, but I don’t envision that anytime soon.”

Gruden believes that Griffin is in fact getting valuable mental reps, but also says that is all he’s able to get right now.

“That’s all he can do – he can just come in here and go to meetings. You know, he’ll watch practice and go to meetings – sit in on meetings – and make sure he’s up to date with anything new we’re putting in, and continue to watch the film like he’s playing”, Gruden said. “That’s the same role that Kirk had when he was the backup. Quarterbacks, when they’re not playing by injury or if they’re the backup, they’re not getting reps. They have to watch the film, take their notes and envision themselves in the same situation and what they would do. And as we coach them, they’re listening and preparing. That’s the only thing they can do.”

While Gruden obviously wants Griffin to get back from his injury 100%, he feels that Robert can only help while recovering by supporting Kirk Cousins during games.

“No, we don’t need him to help. You know, he’s just trying to offer support, really, should be the only thing he should be doing, and if he sees something, he can recommend something. But for the most part, between myself and Sean McVay talking to Kirk Cousins, I think it’s more [Griffin III’s] there to pat him on the head and tell him, ‘Good job,’ or, ‘Hang in there,’ or what have you.”

While Griffin has been injured Kirk Cousins has stepped in and to be honest, hasn’t been completely consistent. Cousins has flashed signs of brilliance, but has also shown a bad habit of staring down receivers which has led to multiple interceptions. Cousins has shown improvement, his first start as a pro without an interception came Monday night.

The Redskins are 1-3 since Griffin’s injury, but problems at the quarterback position haven’t been the only thing that has kept them from winning games.

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