Q&A With Redskins LB Markus White

Q&A With Redskins LB Markus White

Q&A With Redskins LB Markus White

Recently, I had a chance to exchange a few questions with 7th round pick LB Markus White out of FSU.  Now in a time-frame when most may think a 7th round pick in the aftermath of drafting 12 players would equal out to a trip to the practice squad or maybe even cut from the team, you may want to rethink your thoughts on this one.

The main reason Markus slipped as far as he did in the draft is because many teams were scared off by the seizures that he has endured since the 7th grade. That did not stop him from getting 8 sacks and 58 tackles last year at Florida State though (Highlight Video) and Markus has not had a seizure since 2008. After exchanging a few thoughts with him I can see he is determined to succeed and be successful in the NFL.

(HTTR4LIFE) Let me start by saying thanks for your time and Welcome to DC! How does it feel to have a team with such a storied tradition and the best fans in the NFL draft you?

(MW)“Well 1st and foremost, I want to say that it is an honor and great opportunity to have a chance to do what I love in front of such a fan base and in our Nation’s Capital. It has felt great so far I’m just feeling blessed for the opportunity to seize the moment.” 

(HTTR4LIFE) Tell all the Redskins fans a little about yourself, where you’re from, who your favorite football team was growing up, etc.

(MW)“I’m from West Palm Beach Florida which is South Florida for those who don’t know and I naturally grew up being a Dolphins fan, my father and big brother are as well, so I followed the rotation. I grew up mainly playing basketball although I excelled in football. I was inspired by people around me to follow my dreams so here I am today a proud Washington Redskin.”

(HTTR4LIFE) At 6-4, and 266 pounds your size is perfect for the 3-4 Linebacker position, but you played DE at FSU. Which spot do you prefer and has anyone given you any ideas on which position you will play?

(MW) “I have been training to play the 3-4 positioned OLB all spring and I’m looking forward to playing that position for the Redskins. I have a lot more experience at DE but I’m willing to take on the challenge of learning a new position and also be able to exploit my athleticism to the world while doing so.”

(HTTR4LIFE) Any thoughts on the current lock-out in the NFL and how it affects you as an un-signed rookie? And have you had a chance to speak with any of your new teammates?

(MW)“I feel the lock out makes it a little tougher for an incoming rookie in many ways, but I’m just patiently waiting for them to confirm there being a season in 2011 and if I get that, I’ll be satisfied and all I can do after that is take everything in as fast as possible and give it my all. I haven’t really gotten to reach out to any of my teammates other than my former teammate Graham Gano. He welcomed me in and everything. Now, I’m anxious to be introduced to the system I’ll be competing to become a part of.”

(HTTR4LIFE) This one is important, just how do you feel about the Dallas Cowboys?

(MW)“I feel like there can be no better feeling than competing against America’s team multiple times a year for the victory!!! It’s what the game is all about.” 

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