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Redskins Film Review: Week 1 – Redskins vs Eagles


The Washington Redskins started out hot against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday before fading down the stretch. The Redskins were able to take advantage of several situations early on as the Eagles struggled out of the gate. The Eagles took control of the game in the third quarter after a series of three-and-outs and bad penalties from Washington.

Week 1 – Redskins vs. Eagles

Below are two videos; the top is the All-22 Coaches Film breakdown from the Redskins offense in week one, and the bottom is the film breakdown from the defense. Both videos are 30+ minutes long and go in-depth into what the Redskins were doing or having done to them. In the future, this will be an every-week thing, although the episodes may be considerably shorter and more directed towards maybe one player or group of players.



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