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Robert Griffin III To Start Individual Drills This Week, Team Drills Next Week

Robert Griffin III To Start Individual Drills This Week

Robert Griffin III To Start Individual Drills This Week, Team Drills Next Week

On the heels of a four game skid, Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden was asked today; When will Robert Griffin III return to practice?

“I think he’s going to start individual drills this week. As far as actually taking practice reps, I think that will be at least another week. But we’ll get him out there, do some individual drills, maybe throw some balls to the wideouts. That will be the first step, and then obviously next week we’ll try to get him maybe into practice situations and see where he is.”

Griffin has been working off to the side during practices for the last week and if the eye-test means anything, his footwork looks great for a guy 4 weeks removed from a dislocated ankle. As most know Griffin is a fast healer, so the fact he is ready to start individual drills this week should come as no surprise to anyone.

Gruden was also asked if there was any possibility of seeing Colt McCoy this weekend against the Tennessee Titans.

“No. We’re going to go with Kirk again. He threw for 300-some-odd yards. Obviously, the fourth quarter was an issue. The first interception I believe was to Andre [Roberts]. He just overthrew it, he over-strided. Andre ran a heck of a route. He beat the underneath coverage, man coverage, was bending it in front of the safety and Kirk just kind of hesitated and over-strided and threw it high. It was intercepted. The second one was one he hesitated on shouldn’t have thrown the ball to DeSean on the little pick screen thing that we did. I don’t know why he waited. He just hesitated for a second. Of course the third one was 30 seconds to go in the game and he was trying to make a play. That one could have been avoided also.”

In place of the injured Grfffin, Kirk Cousins has thrown for 1570 yards, while completing 61.7% of his passes, ten touchdowns, eight interceptions and one fumble.

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