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Sean Taylor Will be Featured on “A Football Life”

Sean Taylor Will be Featured on “A Football Life”

Recently NFL Network premiered the commercial for this seasons “A Football Life” documentary series. The commercial shows highlights and backdrops from stories the network is planning on featuring. Towards the end of the commercial the late, Washington Redskins great Sean Taylor can be seen leaping through the air and into the end-zone. That clip of Sean was enough for speculation to arise that Taylor would be featured this year. That speculation can now end as it has been confirmed.

The hour-long program about Taylor is tentatively scheduled to air on September 26, according to an NFL Network spokesmen.

Taylor was murdered mid-way through the 2007 season but is still very much loved and revered to this day by the fans of the Washington Redskins and Miami Hurricanes as well as others all around the league. His story was custom-made for programs such as “A Football Life”…a success story that turned tragic, Taylor was well on his way to becoming the best safety in the NFL, many already viewed him that way after just 3 years in the NFL.

Below is a video showcasing Sean’s career…

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