Commanders GM Search: Potential GM Candidates in 2024

The Washington Commanders‘ new ownership group has its sites set on bringing the football franchise closest to our nation’s capital back to greatness. After spending just north of six billion to acquire the team, now it’s time to put things in motion to make that happen (it will be no small task).

Josh Harris and company have the job of trying to right the wrong the football franchise has continued to repeat over the last 20 years, and that can only be done by hiring the right person to head the rebuild. Once that person is in place, the true rebuild of this once great franchise can finally begin. Whoever they choose will have nearly $90 million in salary cap space to go along with five picks in the first 100 draft selections in the 2024 NFL Draft to start. Not to mention, there is no Daniel Snyder to deal with anymore…thus making the Washington GM job an attractive one for the first time in decades.

Potential GM Candidates in 2024

The list of potential General Manager candidates in 2024 is long and full of deserving names. Only one can be the guy, but that certainly won’t stop us from taking a look at the field.


Adam Peters, Assistant GM, San Francisco 49ers

With a strong background in scouting, Adam Peters has been instrumental in the 49ers’ success. While in his third season as San Francisco’s assistant general manager, Peters is in his 21st season in the NFL. He’s also worked with the Denver Broncos (2009-2016) and New England Patriots (2003-2008).

Peters is far and away the top candidate for most teams currently searching for their next General Manager after serving as the assistant under 49ers GM John Lynch in San Francisco. Lynch has been with the Niners since Peters’ first year in the bay (2017).

Below is a video of Lynch and Peters discussing last year’s draft (you may have to click the link and watch it on YouTube). Lynch starts the video by talking about how much “Adam means to this organization.”

Dave Caldwell, Senior Personnel Director/Advisor to the General Manager, Philadelphia Eagles

Dave Caldwell brings experience as a former GM of the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been key in building a strong Eagles roster. He entered the NFL in 1996 as a scouting assistant with the Carolina Panthers, learning the ropes of player evaluation. He spent two years in Carolina before moving on to Indianapolis to work as a scout under GM Bill Polian. Caldwell spent 10 years in Indy, including being promoted to Director of Player Personnel in 2012.

Caldwell became the General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013, a position he kept until 2020, when he stepped down and took a year away from football. Caldwell returned in 2021 as a Personnel Executive for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. Since then, his job role has been expanded to include Senior Personnel Director and Advisor to the General Manager, Howie Roseman.

Below is an interview with Dave Caldwell when he was still the GM in Jacksonville.

Glenn Cook, Assistant GM, Cleveland Browns

Glenn Cook has a pro scouting background and has contributed significantly to transforming Cleveland’s defense. He has worked with the Green Bay Packers (2012-2016) and the Indianapolis Colts (2011).

Cook has interviewed for other jobs in the recent past, including the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans for their then-open General Manager positions. Below is an interview Cook had at the NFL Combine last year.

Ian Cunningham, Assistant GM, Chicago Bears

Ian Cunningham has a strong scouting background from his time with the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to joining the Eagles, Cunningham spent nine seasons with the Ravens as a player personnel assistant (2008-12) and area scout (2013-16).

He was reportedly offered the Cardinals’ GM job but turned it down. Below is a video of Cunningham talking about the draft.

Andy Weidl, Assistant GM, Pittsburgh Steelers

Andy Weidl has learned from notable GMs like Ozzie Newsome and Howie Roseman, contributing to successful teams like the Ravens, Eagles, and now the Steelers.

Weidl began his tenure in Baltimore as a West area scout in 2005 and served in that capacity for four seasons before becoming a Northeast scout in 2009. After working in that role for four years, he finished his Ravens career as an East regional scout from 2013-16.

Prior to Baltimore, Weidl was a Northeast area scout (2003-04) and a national combine scout (2000-02) for the New Orleans Saints. Below is a video of Weidl talking about roster building.

More Options

The five options above might be the first candidates we’ve chosen to highlight, but that doesn’t make them the only potential candidates, nor does it make them the only serious options. It just means their names are known a bit more than the others. The others on our list, eight in total, are each capable of doing the job as well. These potential candidates just need an opportunity to prove themselves.

Lance Newmark, Senior Director of Player Personnel, Detroit Lions: With 28 years in the Lions’ front office, Newmark has been pivotal in the team’s recent transformation.

Trey Brown, Senior Personnel Executive, Cincinnati Bengals: Brown has a keen eye for talent and has contributed to the Bengals’ rise as a Super Bowl contender.

Brandon Brown, Assistant GM, New York Giants: Known as a rising star in personnel circles, Brown has extensive experience in roster development, college scouting, and free agent evaluations.

Alec Halaby, Assistant GM, Philadelphia Eagles: Known for his expertise in analytics and operations, Halaby has been a key figure in the Eagles’ creative roster and salary cap management.

Mike Borgonzi, Assistant GM, Kansas City Chiefs: Borgonzi’s contributions to the Chiefs’ success over the past decade make him a strong candidate for GM roles.

Ed Dodds and Morocco Brown, Assistant GM/Chief Personnel Executive, Indianapolis Colts: Both Dodds and Brown have been crucial in the Colts’ recent success and have been sought after for GM roles by various teams. Brown has spent time in Washington’s front office already.

Will McClay, VP of Player Personnel, Dallas Cowboys: McClay’s ability to identify and develop talent has been a major factor in the Cowboys’ roster strength.

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