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Washington “Retires” Redskins Name & Logo


On Monday, hell finally froze over as Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder announced, via email, that his franchise would be retiring the Redskins name & logo.

Washington “Retires” Redskins Name & Logo

For fans of the storied franchise, it was a sad day that many never thought would happen in their lifetime…much less within ten years of Snyder making his now-infamous “You can use CAPS” speech.

The Redskins hired former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and have been geared towards changing the overall culture in the building at Redskins Park. After purging several front office and personnel department members, the focus has shifted in the past few months toward the name, team history, and internal issues that have yet to be discussed. The franchise decided to remove founding owner George Preston Marshall’s name from the team’s Ring of Fame and the team’s headquarters. Officials in DC also removed the tall monument/marker located outside of RFK. The franchise also recently fired the director of pro personnel Alex Santos and assistant pro personnel director Richard Mann II, and members of the DC press have hinted there is a big story coming behind this.

All of that led up to the moment that the world was told the name was changing…via email. Below are my responses/thoughts as a fan of 40+ years.

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