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Phillip Thomas Says “I’m Going to be the Steal of the Draft”

Phillip Thomas, Redskins

37048 10151659611064574 1640807303 n Phillip Thomas Says Im Going to be the Steal of the DraftWashington Redskins 4th round draft choice Phillip Thomas spoke with the media after being drafted 119th by the Redskins.

On slipping in the draft….

“I feel I’m going to be the steal of the draft.”

The Redskins selected two players who led the Football Bowl Subdivision in interceptions over the past two seasons (David Amerson, 13 in 2011; Phillip Thomas, eight in 2012). Safety Bacarri Rambo was second in the FBS in interceptions in 2011 with eight.

“It’s just instincts, man,” Thomas said of the interceptions. “We changed our whole defense around last season and in a 3-4 defense and that created a lot of pressure and do a lot of different things. I was able to just play a little looser and use my instincts and be the ballhawk I always knew I was.”

On if he would rather play free safety or strong safety…

“My style allows me to play both,” Thomas said. “I’m great at getting the ball when it’s in the air. Also, I did a lot of things as far as blitzing and playing in the box. I feel I can do both. I’m an interchangeable safety who can make plays in the box and play in the [deep middle] and make plays in the air.”

Phillip Thomas is a life-long Redskins fan, when asked who his favorite player was he replied, “Sean Taylor.”

“To watch him play the game as aggressive as he was and as great a player as he was…” Thomas said. “He studied film and did everything he had to do and was a perfectionist at the game.”

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