2016 Redskins are Ready to Prove Naysayers Wrong

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2016 Redskins are Ready to Prove Naysayers Wrong

The Washington Redskins will enter the 2016 season with their own personal expectations high, but with the national media once again giving the team little to no respect. In fact, most publications and “experts” would choose to dismiss the Redskins altogether when speaking of possible contenders of the upcoming season. Redskins fans should be jumping at the odds the team has been given this offseason though. Imagine what the payout would be with 50 to 1 odds to win the NFC East on sites such as our friends over at William Hill.

The national media wants everyone to believe that the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the east in 2016, surprise-surprise. Seems this is the same scenario year-after-year, EVERY year. Those very same “experts” would have you believe that without 1-2 injuries the Cowboys would have won the east in 2015…as if qb was the only issue that team had. Good thing more and more people are starting to wake up and realize that the national media doesn’t deal in full truths, only agenda’s.

Regardless of what the national media thinks the Redskins players themselves are directed towards making 2016 more successful than 2015. This group isn’t content with finishing 9-7 and losing in the first round of the playoffs…they want more.

Second-year GM Scot McCloughan has started to mold the roster to his liking while keeping successful pieces that were around before he came to town as well. The competition at just about every position will be evident for all to see in a few weeks when Redskins Training Camp opens in late July. Currently the biggest training camp battles should be at left guard, center and safety as the team looks to strengthen any weaknesses.

2016 Redskins are Reading to Prove Naysayers Wrong

This year’s team will be improved at corner, after signing former Carolina Panther Josh Norman, as well as outside linebacker with the return/premiere of Junior Galette (who is returning from an Achilles injury that kept him out of last season after signing with Washington). Both players are looking forward to making major impacts on the Redskins defensive unit.

The Redskins also have a more confident guy under center on offense this year as Kirk Cousins will be entering camp as the starter for the first time. People around Cousins are all in agreement this offseason that Kirk is showing leadership traits in the huddle and locker-room that the team has been lacking the last few seasons. It should be interesting to see how Cousins reacts to the pressure his one-year franchise tag contract of $19.95 million adds to the equation.

The story this entire offseason has been will Cousins sign a long term deal before the July 15 deadline. It appears both sides are a long ways away from an agreement as reports have suggested Cousins agent has been asking for $40 million guaranteed in the next two years of a new deal. The team wants to see more before handing that type of cash out.

2016 Redskins are Reading to Prove Naysayers Wrong

Likely the biggest question mark this offseason has been what will the Redskins do to replace runningback Alfred Morris. That question can only be answered in time. The team has confidently moved Matt Jones to the top of their depth chart as he is the heir apparent. Jones has had issues the last few years holding onto the ball but the team has implemented the use of a ‘beeping ball’ this offseason in hopes of teaching Jones to cover the pressure points better.

The 2016 Redskins are looking to change the on-going perception around the league that the team isn’t capable of having back-to-back winning seasons…something the franchise has not accomplished since 1992. In order to do that everyone will need to be at the top of their game this year.

What’s your opinion Redskins Nation? How many games do you think the Redskins will win in 2016?

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