Hogettes Start Campaign to get Joe Jacoby in the Hall of Fame

Hogettes Start Campaign to get Joe Jacoby in the Hall of Fame

The 1980’s was a time of the glory years for the Washington Redskins. Those years also saw the birth of the famed group of fans we all know as the Hogettes.

The Hogettes spent many years cheering on the Redskins, last year the Hogettes effectively retired from wearing their pig-noses and Redskins dresses on game-days but they still love the burgundy and gold. Recently they took to Facebook to announce their mission goal of getting Joe Jacoby into the Hall of Fame. They fully believe, as many others do as well, that Jacoby should be in the Hall next to teammates Darrell Green, Russ Grimm and Art Monk.

Here is their statement:

As our 2014 season begins…The Hogettes are proud to announce that we are making it our mission to help get a second HOG – JOE JACOBY, recognized and enshrined into the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME in Canton, Ohio!!! Jacoby was the heart & soul, the spirit of the HOGS. Like the great offensive lines of the Raiders, Dolphins, and Oilers, who have two linemen in the Hall, the HOGS are just as deserving! A pair of HOGS in the Hall is better than a solo HOG in the Hall. We formed the Washington Hogettes in 1983 to root for the all-important HOGS, who helped lead our team to four Super Bowls, over the next decade. The HOGS, one of the top five (number 1 in our opinion) offensive lines ever, got a HOG enshrined in the Hall in 2010. Russ Grimm was the leader of the HOGS and is in his rightful place in the Hall.

Jacoby is the perfect example for every young football player who dreams of someday playing in the NFL. As an undrafted rookie free-agent, Joe was signed by the Washington Redskins future Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs to try out as a defensive tackle. On finding out from Jacoby he was an offensive tackle, Coach Gibbs let him try out on that side of the ball. Jacoby turned into one of the premier left offensive tackles in the NFL, helping protect three different quarterbacks to three Super Bowl victories. A big man at 6′ 7″, 310 lbs, Jacoby also had the athletic ability to lead the counter-trey around end for the likes of Hall of Famer John Riggins and other backs. This was on full display during the Super Bowl, when Joe buried linebacker Kim Bokamper, on the most memorable play in team history…John Riggins’ 43-yard game clinching touchdown run in Super Bowl XVII.

The Hall of Fame needs the likes of this gentle giant who was a fierce competitor on the field, and had the character and talent, but most of all, had that will-to-win drive needed by players on good teams who helped turn the team into World Champions. A family man, with two beautiful daughters, Joe was a successful small businessman before becoming a college offensive line coach, where he improved the team’s offense by 50 yards a game during his first year.

The Hogettes Facebook and (new) Twitter pages (‪#‎66HOF) will be our centers to collect and organize all of the information we can muster to help convince the HOF voters why Jacoby deserves their vote. We have started a list of, “The 66 reasons why Joe Jacoby should be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” We ask Skins’ fans everywhere to submit their best one, two, or three reasons why Jacoby should be in the Hall. The best ones will be added to our list to set an overwhelming story for Joe’s path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We will be posting the list as well as HOF voter social media information and we encourage all fans to tweet, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc… HOF voters on Joe’s behalf. Let’s take over Canton again!!! “Hail to the HOGS & to the Redskins!!!”


Mikey T.

Boss Hogette


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