Join the Movement: Lets Get Redskins Legend Joe Jacoby in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Let’s Get Redskins Legend Joe Jacoby in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The last few years ‘should be’ Hall of Fame players have been waiting, stockpiled on a list of all-time NFL greats who have yet to be given their ultimate place in the history books of Pro Football. On this list are the names of some of the best players to ever take the field, their careers forever frozen into the memories of football fans everywhere. NFL Films chronicled many of these players careers over the years, the memories those players bring back to me are from a time when football didn’t have a constant grey area surrounding every call. When men were men and the officials let them do their jobs on the football field. That era of football is long gone, and if the fans of these players waiting on that stockpiled list don’t stand up and get vocal, their heroes will continue to be stuck in line. Every year the blockade waiting to get in gets bigger as more players become eligible who have retired in the last five years.

The reason this affects Redskins Nation is because one of our beloved ‘Hogs’ is stuck at the door and needs our help to give him that extra push. That’s why we here at HTTR4LIFE are officially joining ‘The Hogettes’ in their crusade to get Joe Jacoby where he deserves to be, and that’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s time to get vocal, in the coming weeks we’re going to be doing a little more investigative work into just exactly what we need to do to make these Hall of Fame voters understand that Jacoby deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

When we spoke with Mr. Jacoby this week, he showed that he’s still 100% class saying, “I’m just excited and proud to be a semifinalist. I was part of some really good teams, and many of those guys ARE in the Hall of Fame. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”Join the Movement: Let's Get Redskins Legend Joe Jacoby in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

While Jacoby may be honored to just be in the conversation, many members of Redskins Nation have grown tired of seeing Legends of Redskins past, who are more than deserving of the honor, having to wait while others get in long before those who laid the groundwork. Because Jacoby played offensive line, it’s hard to gauge his career based on any type of numbers, but voters should pay attention to those who excelled while Jacoby was in DC. In fact, most of the best plays in Redskins history came from a run to the left side, which was his side of the ball. Truth is Joe Jacoby was one of the players who laid the groundwork for bigger offensive lineman, left tackles in particular, of the future to come in and get paid the big money contracts. His career is one that has been/is being overlooked, sadly.

The main way Redskins Nation can aid in the process is by coming together as one to make sure that the Hall of Fame voters know Joe has a strong, VOCAL following.

Below is a list of the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters…let’s make sure they know the Pro Football Hall of Fame needs another Hog in it!

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! #LoveThemHogs! Redskins fans you can “like” Joe Jacoby’s official Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Voters

Arizona – David Casstevens, Arizona Republic
Atlanta – Furman Bisher, The Atlanta Journal
Baltimore – John Steadman, The Baltimore Sun
Buffalo – Larry Felser, Buffalo News
Carolina – Charles Chandler, Charlotte Observer
Chicago – Don Pierson, Chicago Tribune
Cincinnati – Geoff Hobson, Cincinnati Enquirer
Dallas – Frank Luksa, Dallas Morning News
Denver – Woodrow Paige, Denver Post
Detroit – Jerry Green, The Detroit News
Green Bay – Mike Bauman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Indianapolis – John Bansch, Indianapolis Star
Jacksonville – Sam Kouvaris, WJXT-TV, Jacksonville
Kansas City – Bob Gretz, KCFX Overland Park, KS
Miami – Edwin Pope, Miami Herald
Minnesota – Sid Hartman, The Minneapolis Star Tribune
New England – Will McDonough, Boston Globe, NBC Sports
New Orleans – Pete Finney, Times-Picayune
New York (Giants) – Vinny DiTrani, Bergen Record
New York (Jets) – Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated
Oakland – Frank Cooney, Fox Sports
Philadelphia – Mike Rathet, Philadelphia Daily News
Pittsburgh – Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
St. Louis – Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times
San Diego – Jerry Magee, San Diego Union-Tribune
San Francisco – Ira Miller, San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle – John Clayton, ESPN/ESPN Magazine
Tampa Bay – Tom McEwen, Tampa Tribune
Tennessee – John McClain, Houston Chronicle
Washington – Len Shapiro, Washington Post – Retired
PFWA – Steve Schoenfeld, Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette
At-Large – Jarrett Bell, USA Today
At-Large – Dave Goldberg, Associated Press
At-Large – Tony Grossi, Cleveland Plain Dealer
At-Large – Peter King, Sports Illustrated
At-Large – Mike Wilbon, Washington Post

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