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Redskins Preseason Opponents Announced (2014)


Redskins Preseason Opponents Announced (2014)

The Washington Redskins will open their first preseason under new head coach Jay Gruden with a game against the New England Patriots between August 7th and August 10th. They will then face the Cleveland Browns in a game that will be nationally televised by ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” on August 18th. The team will then visit the Baltimore Ravens at some point between August 21st and August 24th and will then wrap up their preseason by visiting the Tampa Buccaneers on August 28th. Exact kickoff times will be determined later.

  1. August 7-10: New England Patriots
  2. August 18: Cleveland Browns (Monday Night Football)
  3. August 21-24: Baltimore Ravens
  4. August 28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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