Saturday Slop: Tuck says Redskins O Won’t go Anywhere Without RG3; Shanahan Impressed with Trent Williams’ Maturity

Saturday Slop: RG3, 'Skins Receivers Hold Passing Camp in Waco, Texas; Hankerson Will Excel With RG3 and Redskins

Saturday Slop: Tuck says Redskins O Won’t go Anywhere Without RG3

Redemption Song: Redskins Secondary Has No Plans For Giant Meltdown ” CBS DC
“That one play’s not going to define us as a unit,” said Williams, a nine-year veteran who was supposed to be Washington’s No. 3 safety before Tanard Jackson was suspended for the season after another failed drug test. “It’s not going to define me as a player. It was a lack of execution on everybody’s part. We didn’t do what we were supposed to do. The longer you play this game, the longer you’re in this league, you’re going to have moments like that. You learn from it and capitalize on the opportunity in front of us.”


DeAngelo Hall Fined $35,750 For Pair Of Infractions Against Cowboys On Thanksgiving | NBC4 Washington
Hall has been fined by the NFL — again — for a pair of undisclosed infractions against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanskgiving. Hall lost $35,750, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer.


20 Questions With Robert Griffin III | NBC4 Washington
When Dan Hellie sat down with Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III Tuesday, he offered up some quick-hitters to let us get to know a little more about the rookie phenom’s personality. He shares his guilty pleasure, his celebrity connections and some thoughts about his teammates. And he also made one spot-on Washington sports prediction.


The Redskins Blog | Mrs. Shanahan On Redskins’ Return Game
“He obviously made a bad decision,” Shanahan said of Banks.  “My wife told me that wasn’t a good decision.” Shanahan got a good chuckle out of the media, something he enjoys doing with his patented deadpan delivery. All joking aside, Shanahan made clear that Banks needs to make better decisions, or his job as returner is in jeopardy. “Brandon by all means knows that was a poor decision so you just can’t make those mistakes,”  Shanahan said.  “You have to eliminate those mistakes and if you make too many of them then you are not returning punts or kicks anymore.”


The Redskins Blog | Griffin III’s Awards Help Community, Too
Griffin III was named the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week, an award that comes with a $2,000 donation in each of the winning players’ names to their local offices of Junior Achievement. It’s the second time Griffin III has won FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week award, so that means he’s sent $4,000 to the Washington, D.C., Junior Achievement office just based on his top-notch performances. The FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week distinction was the third award Griffin III has won this week alone. Griffin III today was also voted as the NFL Rookie of the Week — already for the fifth time this season. Then, on Wednesday, he was given his second NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month award.


Tuck says Redskins O won’t go anywhere without RG3 | ProFootballTalk
Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said as impressive as RG3 has been, the Redskins aren’t going any place he doesn’t take them. “I think in this offense, it is all predicated on the quarterback,” Tuck said, via Newsday’s Tom Rock. “If RG3 stays healthy, I think this offense is going to continue to roll. “But the thing about it is, who wants their franchise quarterback getting hit every play? Every game like that? I think that is what it is going to come down to.”


Redskins injury report: Fletcher, Williams limited |
“You keep your fingers crossed,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “Both have significant injuries and you’re hoping over the next few days that they’ll be able to go.” Williams has said a couple times this week that he expects to play Monday. Fletcher said Friday that he’ll play if he feels he can help. Fletcher spent last week in a walking boot, but started vs. Dallas. Fletcher said he was concerned he’d be able to play in that game, but said the ankle doesn’t necessarily feel any different than a week ago.


Redskins Final Thoughts: Week 13 |
I talked to one person this week who is very familiar with both the Giants and the Redskins and someone I greatly respect. His take? If the Redskins don’t turn the ball over, they will blow the Giants out. Why? Because of how well the Redskins handle Giants QB Eli Manning (and because of QB Robert Griffin III). We’ll see what happens, but thought you might like to know.


Fletcher plays on and on and on…
“It will apply every time he’s hurt because you know what type of mindset that he has, his recovery time,” Shanahan said. “Over 200-plus consecutive games gives you an idea. The chances are, he will be ready. But he is quite sore.”


DeAngelo Hall agrees with Victor Cruz: Redskins still have work to do
“In this league, you’ve got to prove it. We haven’t proved it,” Hall said. “Even though We’ve beaten them two out of the last three times, you still got to prove it. You’ve got to prove it. Even though we’ve matched up well against them, we haven’t matched up against other teams in this league. I can’t argue with him right now. They won the last one, and they’ve got two Super Bowl rings over the last [five] years. So, we’ve got to keep working. We’ve got to keep working, keep grinding. We’ll see what he says after the game.”


Redskins Add Addison To Practice Squad
The Washington Redskins announced today that they have signed linebacker Mario Addison to their practice squad.


Player Q&A: Redskins Fullback Darrel Young
After another strong performance against the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins’ offense boasts the NFL’s top rushing attack.  Third-year fullback Darrel Young may not get much attention, but he has been the lead blocker for a pair of 600-plus-yard rushing performers in Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III. caught up with him earlier this week:


Joe Jacoby Among Semifinalist’s for Hall of Fame Class of 2013
The NFL announced the list of semifinalist’s for Hall of Fame enshrinement this week & a member of “The Hogs” was on it as Joe Jacoby has made the cut to 27


Redskins Music: Winning Pool by Black Boo Week 13-   Hail to the Redskins
Redskins song for week 13 by Black Boo of Mambo Sauce. The Redskins look to stay alive in the NFC East and the playoffs on Monday as they take on the GIants


Week 12 Game Preview: New York Giants (7-4) at Washington Redskins (5-6) – Hogs Haven
The turnover ratio. The Redskins are +12 and Giants +13. In the week 7 loss to the Giants (near win), the Redskins had FOUR turnovers. If the Redskins protect the ball, they should be in a good spot to win.


5 Questions with Big Blue View About the Redskins vs Giants MNF Matchup – Hogs Haven
Big Blue View editor, Ed Valentine, answers my questions regarding the Giants weak links and injuries.


Justin Tuck: I’d like RG3, young Michael Vick to race –
New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck crowned Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick as the fastest player he’s ever faced. But is Robert Griffin III poised to take over that title?


Robert Griffin III has ‘an upper hand’ on New York Giants defense –
The New York Giants beat Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins the first time around. But, as Kimberly Jones reports, the defending champs are still wide-eyed about the rookie QB.


Pierre Garcon: I’ll play through Redskins’ season –
A toe ligament injury seemed destined to cut short Pierre Garcon’s first season as a member of the Washington Redskins. But Garcon said that won’t happen.


Need to Know: Shanahan impressed with Williams’ maturity – Rich Tandler’s Real Redskins
He had the reputation coming up but he’s very talented. In fact, Coach [Bob] Stoops says he’s probably the best athlete he’s ever had at Oklahoma as an offensive or defensive lineman. He could play either one. The question was work ethic. When’s he going to get to the next level?


Redskins’ Alfred Morris: ‘I was built for this’ – Washington Times
“I was built for this,” he said. “I was made for this. It’s just the truth. I can take a lot of beating. I don’t think I’ll ever meet the rookie wall.”


Kyle Shanahan’s take on which pass is Robert Griffin III’s best this season – Washington Times
“The one to Aldrick vs. Dallas, I thought, was his best throw of the year just because he threw it with so much anticipation,” Shanahan said of the 68-yard second-quarter touchdown. “He took one hitch and let it go 60 yards down the field.

After taking a chance on Kai Forbath, Redskins being rewarded with perfection – The Washington Post
“I didn’t know the whole history about how many they’ve had over the last 20 years or whatever,” Forbath said this week at Redskins Park. “But people have told me since I’ve been here.”


Robert Griffin III demonstrates leadership qualities rare for a rookie of any sport – The Washington Post
“I’ve never been part of anything like this,” said tight end Chris Cooley, a nine-year veteran. “You just don’t see rookies come in and do what he’s doing, and I’m not even talking about the stuff on the field, which is incredible.


RGIII has Tom Cruise’s number in his phone
The dog tags around Griffin’s neck that were briefly visible during the Eagles game, as seen above? No, they’re not his father’s. “It has my fiancée’s ring on it,” he told Hellie. “It has a Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11, just to remind me, and it’s something I’ve always worn. When it breaks, I get a new one. My dad will not let me wear his dog tags. He’s always been that way, so just have to wear something, and that’s what I decided to wear.”

Pierre Garcon and RGIII want to be like Manning and Harrison
“Playing with Peyton was a great experience,” Garcon said. “[I] was learning a lot, seeing what those guys did to win, the attitude, the work ethic on and off the field. And right now we’re trying to get that same thing going that Peyton and Marvin had with me and RG. We’re trying to do a lot of communication, a lot of talking on and off the field, watching film together, talking about defenses and plays. And we’re trying to instill that work ethic that we had in Indianapolis down here in D.C.

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