Alfred Morris Has Been Impressive so Far This Season

Alfred Morris Has Been Impressive so Far This Season

Alfred Morris Has Been Impressive so Far This Season

Washington Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris has been everything you could ask for in a six round draft pick so far this season. The Florida Atlantic product that was once thought to be too slow to make it in the NFL has been hard at work trying to prove his doubters wrong. So far this season he has rushed 61 times for 263 yards and three touchdowns. His 263 yards have him 9th in the NFL in rushing, and his three touchdowns have him tied with six other players, including Robert Griffin III, for 1st. All of that, and he still drives a $1300 vehicle to Redskins Park every day.

The 23-year old Morris is quickly making his case to be  “the next Shanahan back” that the Redskins have been looking for. Many were shocked and said “who” when they found Morris’s name at the top of the depth chart after the team cut Tim Hightower this year, most of those who were shocked, now have fallen in love with the 5-10 and 218 pound back that goes by the handle @Trey_Deuces on twitter. The reason it has been easy to fall in love with him is simple, the kid knows how to hit the holes and looks like a natural fit in the zone blocking scheme Mike Shanahan has made famous. His ability to complement RG3 has helped the Redskins become the top scoring team in the league so far this season.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Morris has been a Redskins fan for some time now (as he told @BurgundyBlog in an interview this past May) so it’s a dream come true for him. Much is still unknown on just how well Morris will hold up to the grueling beat-down NFL running backs undergo, but he is already turning heads and becoming a household in the Redskins community!

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