Bruce Allen and Head Trainer Larry Hess Fired, Ron Rivera Hired

Rated Redskins Radio: Bruce Allen and Head Trainer Larry Hess Fired, Ron Rivera Hired

Bruce Allen and Head Trainer Larry Hess Fired

The Washington Redskins finally righted a wrong that had been allowed to go on for a decade this week as headlines across the interwebs read “Bruce Allen and Head Trainer Larry Hess Fired” Monday afternoon. For Hess, a 17-year employee of the franchise, it marks the end of a year in which the Redskins top player publicly criticized the training staff after being diagnosed with cancer. For Allen, the last 18 months have been filled with hashtags he probably wishes would have stopped. Even if he avoids social media like he says he does, there’s no way he didn’t see the five months of non-stop #FireBruceAllen tweets and posts across the internet.

It’s always tough when someone loses a job in life, but don’t feel sorry for too long for Allen, a millionaire, who reportedly already has an offer on the table to be a consultant with the Rams. I think I speak for the majority of ‘Skins fans in saying good riddance Bruce. I, for one, won’t miss those mustard pants and that smug little grin.

The team also positioned itself to hire former Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera to be Daniel Snyder’s eighth coach since buying the team in 1999. It’s expected that Rivera will be introduced as the new football coach of the Washington Redskins on New Year’s Day. Rivera is a tough guy who preaches accountability but also is faith-driven and hands-on with players and their families. He may be exactly what Washington’s culture, or lack thereof, needs more than anything. Rivera was fired by the Carolina Panthers earlier this year after their new owner said he wanted to go in a different direction with a clean slate once the team was officially eliminated from the playoffs this season.

The Season From Hell Concludes

Now that the season from hell is over, it’s time to kick things back into overdrive here at HTTR4LIFE.com after going into dark mode for the last few months. There are tons of things to talk about, some of which will write themselves. Below is this week’s podcast…trying something different with the pod in the coming weeks as it will now branch out onto other podcast sites such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc. Stay tuned.

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