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Colt McCoy Cleared to Play, Will Start Sunday

Colt McCoy Cleared to Play, Will Start Sunday

Colt McCoy Cleared to Play, Will Start Sunday

Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy cleared his final hurdle on Friday as he was cleared to play by one last specialist. The news means McCoy will start Sunday against the New York Giants.

McCoy had suffered an aggravated nerve in his neck during last Sunday’s 24-0 loss to St Louis and couldn’t finish the game. McCoy was able to practice all week, he was limited at the beginning of the week but took all the first team snaps on Friday.

Gruden said the visit to the specialist was to gauge how much McCoy could take, “we’re going to have him see the specialist, to make sure he can withstand some punishment because he’s going to get hit eventually in this game. So, we’ve just got to make sure he’s OK, can withstand the punishment and maybe getting hit in the back, getting jarred in the back and just make sure he’s got the full range of motion. Once he gets the clearance then he’ll be OK.”

If McCoy had not been cleared the team would have went with Robert Griffin III, instead McCoy will get the nod for the third straight week.

Gruden continues to believe McCoy is the teams best option, “his decision making right now is probably the best right now, I’d say, because he’s been in the NFL as a quarterback the longest with his experience factor. I think his ability to see coverage, get the ball out, I think probably sets him just ahead of the other guys by just a little bit. So that’s really the No. 1 reason. He still has the mobility, obviously. He’s a tough guy. He’s a good leader, and players respond to him. But, I think just the fact that he’s played – a veteran-type guy, presence – gives him the edge.”

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