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Dwayne Haskins vs Kyle Allen – Is It a Real QB Competition?

Dwayne Haskins vs Kyle Allen

Later this month, the Washington Redskins will start training camp with several position battles underway. According to the “experts,” among them is a quarterback battle with Dwayne Haskins vs. Kyle Allen.

Dwayne Haskins vs Kyle Allen

Now, if you’ve been listening to new Washington coach Ron Rivera, then you already know the job is Haskins’ to lose. Rivera went to the second-year signal-caller back before April’s draft and told him to be patient while the process played out, and no matter what the media said, Ron told Dwayne to “trust him.”

“I feel really confident having guys that believe in me,” Haskins said. “I think I’m going to have a good year this year.”

“We just feel about the things we saw from Dwayne,” Rivera said back in May on The Sports Junkies. “I feel good enough about him that I’m willing to take that chance, that opportunity.”

“He was very calm. He was very calculated. He showed his poise. He showed his leadership and put them in a position to win a football game,” Rivera said of Haskins’ first-ever comeback win. “And that’s what you want from your quarterback, a guy that gives you a chance to win, a guy that can help you win because of him and you can win with him. That’s what’s exciting.”

The Redskins had their two veteran quarterbacks leave via free agency this year when Colt McCoy and Case Keenum signed elsewhere. That situation led to the team needing someone who at the very least, could be a backup at the position. In late March, the team traded for Carolina Panthers QB Kyle Allen (24), who already ran new Washington offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s offense for twelve games last year.

The move initially came as a surprise for Allen, “It’s a shock. I wasn’t expecting it,” Allen said on the team show Redskins Nation. “I signed a contract with Carolina two weeks ago. But I know contracts don’t really mean anything.”

After having time to let things sink in, Allen is excited, “I got to think about it a lot the past 24 hours, and I’m excited to be back with coach Rivera and coach Turner,” Allen said.  “The more I sat down and thought about it after the call, the more it makes complete sense. I think the continuity of the system, being with them before, the coaches, the need for that spot on the team, I think it’s perfect. The more I think about it, the more I get excited about it. It’s awesome. It’s incredible to play for Ron Rivera,” Allen said. “I’ve told a lot of people, he’s my favorite head coach I’ve ever played for, and I’ve played for my fair share.”

It’s clear that Kyle Allen has a special place in his heart for Coach Rivera.

“He’s always there for you. He’s a player’s coach,” Allen said. “Wins or losses, he was always at my locker after the game, talking me through it, helping me through it. He always had that confidence in me, he always believed in me, and he gave me such a great opportunity. I was undrafted two years ago, and he saw something in me. Even after they cut me, he brought me back and gave me the opportunity to make a name for myself. Can’t ask for anything more from him, he’s been an incredible coach every time I’ve been with him.”

The team has someone who their coach believes will step up and lead the franchise, but they also have a young player who already knows the system to push him. If Haskins slips in any way, Allen will be there to try and take advantage.

[Featured Image via Garrett Campbell/Washington Redskins]

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