How Many Receivers Will the Redskins Keep on the 53-Man Roster?

How Many Receivers Will the Redskins Keep on the 53-Man Roster?

The Washington Redskins added a lot of depth and firepower this off-season by acquiring receivers DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts. On a team that already had Pierre Garcon that’s quite the upgrade. Defensive coordinators all across the NFL are squirming in the seats already at the thought of having to cover those three guys and still be able to key on the Redskins running game and tight end Jordan Reed.

The off-season signings and then the drafting of Ryan Grant made the receiver position a crowded spot in Washington.

  • Pierre Garcon
  • DeSean Jackson
  • Andre Roberts
  • Ryan Grant
  • Aldrick Robinson
  • Santana Moss
  • Cody Hoffman
  • Nick Williams
  • Rashad Ross
  • Rashad Lawrence
  • Lee Doss
  • Leonard Hankerson (PUP List)

Twelve guys looking to make the team has led to some fierce camp battles.

So the question is, ‘How many receivers will the Redskins keep’? The number will likely be six with the top six names in that list, Garcon, Jackson, Roberts, Grant, Robinson and Moss being my predictions for who will make the team.

The top three guys are easy to guess, Garcon, Jackson, and Roberts. Pierre and DeSean both had 1300+ yards receiving in 2013 on separate teams. Roberts is the wild-card in this equation as he has serious speed and ball skills.

Alrick Robinson has looked good in preseason in the little bit of time he has had to show his skills so far. The main positive so far from Robinson is he has shown he can be a more versatile receiver, rather than just a long-ball guy only. Over the last couple of years, many have become to know Aldrick as a “one-trick pony,” meaning he was only dangerous on long passes. It would appear Aldrick has worked to eliminate thoughts such as that.

Ryan Grant has played his way into a situation where he may not start or see significant time on the field, but he will, in fact, get snatched up if Washington tries to cut him and place him on the practice squad. A fact that virtually locks Grant into a roster spot after he has shined in preseason thus far. The rookie receiver has shown route-running skills well beyond his years in camp and the first two preseason games.

Most would have thought Santana Moss would be on the outside looking in at this point as a 35-year old receiver surrounded by speed and youth. Moss has done the exact opposite by coming out looking strong in training camp and preseason. Fact is Santana is still good enough to be the 6th receiver for an NFL franchise and will get some chances to show what he’s got during the 2014 season.

It’s looking more obvious by the day that Leonard Hankerson is going to start the season on the PUP list and may, in fact, find himself on the injured reserve (IR) by the time all is said and done. Hankerson said he’s about two weeks away from being ready health-wise. ESPN 980 has reported that Leonard Hankerson will not play in the 2014 preseason.

Hoffman, Williams, and Ross will all likely make their way onto the practice squad unless another NFL team offers them a contact.

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