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Native American Redskins Nation Calls for Boycott of Washington Post


Native American Redskins Nation Calls for Boycott of Washington Post

Last week the Washington Post released a statement claiming that the editorial staff will no longer use the Redskins name. Interestingly enough, another statement came a short while later stating that the sports section would not stop using the team name in posts. Now I am no expert in how the Post deals with their in-house situations, but this sounded fishy.

In the first statement that was released, this publication basically catered to a certain “journalist,” I use that term lightly since a journalist is supposed to seek the truth and provide a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. In other words, a journalist seeks the truth and reports it. That is a code of ethics that the Washington Post has not had in mind when dealing with the Redskins name coverage. It has been more so a situation where one side has been given ample space in columns the Post arranges, while the other side is told they don’t count. In case you need to be brought up to speed I am of course talking about Native Americans on both sides of the debate.

When this “journalist” was asked why the Post did not report on the Native Americans who support the Redskins name this was the response that was given:

Native American Redskins Nation Calls for Boycott of Washington Post

Over the last few years, the Post itself has been outspoken on the team name, calling it a slur while at the same time using it over and over, making tons of cash off of web hits and sponsorships. The Washington Redskins are in fact their top cash-cow.

How is it that a major publication that employs “journalists” who directly go against their own code of ethics stand and say they need to stop using “Redskins” after they have directly profited from it for years?

That brings me to the second statement that was released; the sports section of the Post stated that they would continue to use the name.  Why would they do that you might ask? Is that not hypocritical of them to call it a slur and then say they are going to continue to use it? The real reason they CANNOT stop using the name is the fact that the web clicks they get from the name “Redskins” pay their bills and keep their “journalists” living in nice homes, cars, etc.

I usually don’t post my personal thoughts here, but when media members who directly prosper from the Redskins name refuse to say the name, I stand and say I won’t read what you write. Nor will this publication link to, post or share ANY content associated with the other paper in Washington, as they will be known from now on. For those who may be getting ready to say, “but it’s only the crappy editorial section that said it,” last I checked it is the same publication, correct?

As I have stated in the past, my opinion may be considered invalid by some on this subject, so I will let Native American Redskins Nation give their formal statement on just how they feel.

To Whom It May Concern:

Washington Post we are silenced no more, hear us now. You have now been Boycotted for your injustice.

As Native Americans, Redskins fans and supporters we feel that your post has unjustly ignored those of us who support the Redskins name. We feel the Redskins name represents our Native American community in a very positive, and honorable light.

The Redskins name to us means pride, honor, tradition, strength, and a tribute to our Native American history. If the reason for changing the name and your choice not to use our Redskins name is because 1 out of 10 feel the name should be changed. Then we should never go to war, or allow murderers out of prison. What about more important issues like 10 out of 10 feel that our people in reservations should never be allowed to live in poverty and hunger?

Anyone that feels as we do can always unsubscribe to the paper, not click articles & unlike their Facebook page if they chose to do so…

We support our Redskins name,

Native American Redskins Nation (NARN)


For those who may be wondering, Native American Redskins Nation is a group of urban and reservation Natives who support the name…their Facebook group can be found by clicking HERE. At the time of publication, their group has over 2000+ members and is growing daily. The group consists of many different tribes (will list tribe names below) all across the United States who are all standing together to fight misinformation against a name they view as honorable.

Billy Williams, co-founder of NARN and proud Cherokee, told us, “I think every publication should be responsible enough to recognize those of us that are offended by the attack on our Native name. We feel they have failed us in that area”.

Co-leader of NARN, Tony Chavis, a proud Lumbee, had this to say, “I don’t understand how you can be in a city, with your professional football team named the Redskins, and turn your back on your own team just to get your newspaper noticeable. The Washington Post has been around a long time, and they’ve been using the name ‘Redskins’ that entire time and all of sudden out of the blue you’re going to change that to get yourself noticed, that’s unacceptable in my book.”

Mark One Wolf, co-founder of NARN, proud Chiricahua Apache & veteran of the U.S. Army & U.S. Navy is also unhappy with the actions of the other paper in Washington. One Wolf said, “I have served this country honorably having sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and according to statements made and sentiments of persons who write for your publication I DO NOT MATTER.”

“Growing up in the DMV,  I had always respected the Washington Post as the source of the truth. The ‘TRUTH’ is not always what an individual wants to hear. The ‘TRUTH’ may not be the sensational story that brings in the ratings, but journalism is supposed to be about giving the readers all perspective so that we can make a well informed and intelligent assessment of the situation at hand for ourselves.”

“Over the past few years, since this story about the Redskins Name has taken center stage, I have seen more and more bias which has slowly but surely eroded my confidence in your publication as a credible source to gather news and insight on a particular matter. I don’t read a paper or listen to a broadcast news show so someone can hand feed me their OPINION on a subject. I want information, objective information, a complete story. I see first hand your handling of the Redskins name debate, and this leads me to wonder how many other stories over the years have been skewed with bias? What other half-truths have you told?  Today it is about the Redskins and being that I’m part of the group of human beings that do not matter to your ratings, I have no confidence that this bias doesn’t find it’s way into other stories of the day. Therefore I see no further point to read your publication.”

This group of Native Americans has contacted several members of the staff at the other paper in Washington but has been ignored and often times attacked on Twitter by the unnamed “journalist” I spoke of above.

They will stand in silence no more to the hidden agenda‘s of the other paper in Washington…and neither should the rest of Redskins Nation…

List of tribe names represented by Native American Redskins Nation:

Oneida, Cherokee, San Carlos Apache, Dakota Sioux, Omaha, Chiricahua Apache, Texas Comanche, Northern Ute, Boriken Taino, Muscogee Creek, Ottawa, Dine’ (Navajo), Wichita, Caddo, Delaware, Hopi, Tewa, Mojave, Lumbee, Kiowa, Sioux, Navajo, Algonquin, Pee Posh, Cochiti, Patawomeck, Maidu, Pit River, Choctaw, Yaqui, Pamunkey, Keetoowah, Blackfoot, Seneca, Mohawk, Hidatsa, Powhatan, Pueblo, Osage, Ohlone Costanoan Esselen, Piscataway Conoy, Lakota, Creek, Ojibwe, Susquehanna, Chickasaw, Chickahominy, Ohlone Costanoan Esselen, Cheyenne, Pennacook, Chippewa and many others.

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