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Daniel Snyder: “Redskins Organization has Started the Process of Designing a new Stadium”

Redskins Organization has Started the Process of Designing a new Stadium

According to Daniel Snyder, the Washington Redskins organization has “started the process” of designing a new stadium for the team to call home. In an exclusive interview with CSN, Snyder had this to say:

Whether it’s Washington, D.C., whether it’s another stadium in Maryland, whether it’s a stadium in Virginia, we’ve started the process.

We are going to push forward. We’ve started meeting with architectural firms. We are in the process of developing because it is a long term that you do it.

We’ve already seen some preliminary drawings and I’m going to be very retro with it. It’s gonna feel like RFK. It’s gonna move like RFK. I love that, I actually asked architectural firms to do it and they said that they can do it. I said that I think the lower bowl sections are going to want to rock the stadium like the old days.

I’d like to see it sooner than later, but we love FedEx Field. It’s a great place to feature our home games, but it’s 17 years old now. I think it’s time for us to start looking and we’re doing it.

“I think this region, not only this town, this region deserves a Super Bowl. It ought to be here, it would be a fantastic accomplishment. It’s the biggest sporting event in the globe. It’s the nation’s capital, it’s a no-brainer.”

The video of Snyder’s interview is below via CSN.

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