Preseason Week 3 Observations Redskins vs Bills

Preseason Week 3 Observations Redskins vs Bills

Preseason Week 3 Observations Redskins vs. Bills

The Washington Redskins hosted another AFC East opponent at FedExField in their third preseason game of the season on Friday night. The game truly was a tale of two quarters (the first and second). Kirk Cousins looked like two different players at times. The Redskins lost Ryan Kerrigan, Keith Marshall, Quinton Dunbar and Spencer Long to individual injuries…Marshall’s looked the most serious.



Preston Smith is truly on the brink of a big year for Washington. His ability to move blockers at will and put pressure on the QB is getting better every time he takes the field.

Penalties have been horrible this preseason. The O-line has been the main colporate. The Redskins have had several possessions this preseason be spoiled with 2 and 25 or 3 and ___ due to penalties. Lichtensteger had three by himself.

Josh Norman looked good, the energy he brings to the field is noticeable. His coverages were challenged somewhat in this game. On one notable play, he successfully bumped Sammy Watkins at the line and killed the timing….in the process Preston Smith was able to close in on the QB, who made a bad throw.

Cousins looked rusty, and a bit over-cautious to start the game. It truly was rough to watch for a few series before he appeared to calm down.

I’ve already said it once, and I will say it again…DeSean Jackson is at the TOP of his game right now and is primed for a big year. On his 4th catch, a 39-yard ball that was batted at the line, Jackson ducked in and out of defenders and was one or two plays from a TD.

The TD pass to Ryan Grant was truly about Grants moves after the catch and the Bills and, of course, getting burnt in coverage as well.

On Ricky Jean Francois’ sack: it was quite simply a brilliant move made to the outside of his blocker…the Bills lineman didn’t stand a chance as Ricky blew by him for the sack and then ‘a peanut-butter and jelly time’ dance.

I really like what Rashad Ross brings to the field…he’s worthy of a 6th WR spot on the depth chart.

Defenses are going to have problems stopping Jordan Reed this season…he looks sharp in his routes, even sharper with his footwork.

A penalty negated Cousins second interception of the game, which was essentially a deflected pass.

The TD pass to Jordan Reed from Cousins was pretty. Reed continues to be un-guardable.

Robert Kelley took advantage of the full-time workload that was dumped at his feet by Matt Jones and Keith Marshall getting hurt. Kelley appears to understand that playing running back in the NFL involves more than just carrying the ball. He likes to block, runs decent routes and seems to know how to use his hands.

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