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David Amerson Working Hard to Improve After Sophomore Slump

David Amerson Working Hard to Improve After Sophomore Slump

David Amerson Working Hard to Improve

Redskins cornerback David Amerson had a pretty good rookie season in 2013. Drafted in the second round, Amerson looked the part as a rookie with two interceptions, one returned for a touchdown, in eight starts. In 2014 Amerson had a year to forget as he fell victim to the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’.

“This offseason, I just want to come back and mature as a player and as a human being,” said Amerson. “Of course get bigger, faster, stronger, but really focus on technique. So when I’m out there, just everything is just natural, everything is just flowing for me as a player when I’m on the field.”

Often viewed as a ‘gambler’ in the secondary, Amerson is known for jumping routes/going for the interception. Problem is, when he misses opposing receivers are often left with size-able gains. When you have issues at the safety position, like the Redskins have in recent years, that’s a recipe for disaster as the back-end of the field is already weak. Amerson believes he needs to focus more and things will work themselves out.

“You really have to know how to block out all the distractions and really focus in as a player and how much the game really is mentally,” he said. “I really didn’t understand that because in high school and college you’re kind of playing off talent, but when you’re in the league, everyone is talented. I think the better players have it up here [points to head] more from a mental standpoint.”

This offseason the Redskins signed former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver, who is expected to start. Mix in second year corner Bashaud Breeland and veteran DeAngelo Hall, who is returning from a Achilles injury, and Amerson is in a crowded situation as the Redskins have gotten deeper at his position. In OTAs Amerson found himself off the field when the starters were practicing, and on it in nickel formations. It’s a situation that’s new to him as he heads into his third year as a professional.

“I think being a competitor, you always want to be going against the best, running with the best and being one of the best. But you’ve got to work your way to that,” Amerson told the Post’s Mike Jones. “I’ve got some good coaches, and we’ve got a good group of guys, and there’s a lot of competition among the [defensive backs]. So, right now, I just have to play my role, give it the best and see what happens.”

“At the end of the day, that’s all it comes down to: just making plays. That’s the thing I felt like I was missing last year: being that big play-maker, game-changer. I basically had been that all my life, but it was different for me last year. It was unusual for me. So I need to get back into my groove and just find my swag. … Like I said, I’ve been that all my life, and always had that – I wouldn’t call it a gambling type of mentality – but knowing when to go and make that play, when to step up. It’s something I think a lot of people naturally have in them, and knowing when to bring it out. I just have to have that mindset.”

“I’ve never been scared of competition, and all I can do is come out here and give my best and see what happens. I’m not sure how things are going to go or what my position will be on the team, or if I’m even going to be on the team. So you just give 100 percent and you live with it.”

David Amerson Working Hard to Improve After Sophomore Slump

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