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Redskins Notes & Quotes 10-16-2014

Redskins Notes & Quotes 10-16-2014

Redskins Notes & Quotes 10-16-2014

– Robert Griffin III returned to the practice field this week and began individual drills. Griffin’s rehab has been very successful and Coach Jay Gruden has said when doctors clear him, he will return to being the starting quarterback.

– Stephen Bowen has looked good according to Jim Haslett. Bowen started practicing with the scout team on Wednesday and was moved to the active defensive practice by the end of that practice session. Bowen got even more reps on Thursday.

– Jim Haslett called linebacker Will Compton a “reliable player.” Haslett said Compton didn’t make many mistakes, especially once he calmed down after some early nerves. There’s a chance Compton could start again Sunday if Perry Riley isn’t able to go.

– Starting right tackle Tyler Polumbus has given up 7 of the teams 9 sacks to opposing defenses. Jay Gruden said on Thursday that Morgan Moses is “still cooking in the oven” and is pressing Polumbus for a possible stating job.


Leonard HankersonOn if he’s ready to return:

“I feel like I’m at 100 percent. I just can’t wait to get out there and run around.”

Jay Gruden – On if he saw progress from wide receiver Leonard Hankerson and defensive end Stephen Bowen:

“Yeah, yeah. Hankerson made some big plays today, running cards today. He looked good running. Bowen did a good job also. It’s just good to have those guys back in the lineup – not in the lineup but just running around, getting them back into team shape, team speed. They’re both going to help us eventually.”

Will ComptonOn what Jim Haslett has said to him about starting at LB

“He’s asking me all last week, ‘Comp, you good? I’m like, ‘yeah, are you good?’ He wants to coach me a lot more since I’m playing. It’s good that he can trust me and he should be able to.”

Jay Gruden – On Pierre Garcon:

“Pierre is a major part of this offense. We need to make sure we get him more touches earlier in games”

Jay Gruden – On if it has been difficult to get meetings and practices to translate to games:

“Yeah, I mean there are some instances where we work specifically on a look and we get that look in the game and we don’t get the results that we should get. So some of that the players have to take accountability, some of it – bad play design or bad defensive design, bad special teams design – the coaches will take responsibility. It’s a little bit of both, to be quite honest with you. I am not going to sit here and blame the players for poor execution and I don’t think the players can stand up and say it’s the coaches for poor game planning. I think it is a combination when you have the record that we have and as long as we all understand that and we’re all willing to accept the fact we’re all letting the city down, the better chance we have to get out of the rut.”

Kirk Cousins – On having tight end Jordan Reed available as an option for the first time:

“He’s a great player, a very talented tight end who can do a lot of different things for us. I think he’s a guy on third down who can help us. It’s going to be a continual process of building that chemistry with him because like you said, this was the first game I’ve played with him. This last week was the first week of practice I’ve really repped with him with the No. 1 offense. Just trying to continue to build that chemistry and understanding of how we can work together the best.”

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