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Redskins Notes & Quotes 11-3-2014

Redskins Notes & Quotes 11-3-2014

Redskins Notes & Quotes 11-3-2014

– In two full games this year Robert Griffin III is 49-68, completing 72.1% of his passes for 556 yards, averaging 8.2 yards per play, one touchdown and one interception for a QB rating of 95.

– Linebacker Trent Murphy recorded his first career sack, dropping Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for a nine-yard loss in the first quarter.

– DeSean Jackson leads the league with five 100-yard receiving games this season. He is the first member of the Redskins to record five 100-yard receiving games in the first nine games of a season since Pro Football Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell in 1962. Jackson is averaging 21.8 yards per reception this year, best in the NFL.

– Andre Roberts 45-yard kickoff return was the team’s longest since the 2012 season.


Robert Griffin IIIOn playing through injuries:

“It’s a warrior’s game. Nobody is out there playing pain free. No one is out there playing 100-percent all the time. I’ll do anything I have to do to help this team. If it’s a booboo, a bump or a bruise here or there, it doesn’t matter.

Robert Griffin IIIOn the team’s moral moving forward:

“Everybody is going to be upset, period. Coach, players, staff, organization will be upset on this bye week. But it will make us that much hungrier when we come off it. We’ll be ready to get on a roll. Not that a win wouldn’t have done that, but your sense of urgency definitely heightens after a loss heading into the bye week. Sitting at 3-6, we’re looking to do what we did in 2012 and get on a roll.”

Jay GrudenOn how the defense played:

“We had a lead, we got down, we came back to get the lead, let them drive 80 yards right down the field, take the lead. We take the lead and they come right back down and go 80 yards again and take the lead again. Very, very, very, very sickened by that. I’m disappointed. I thought our defense played a lot better than that. No turnovers again. It’s just not good enough by any stretch.”

Ryan KerriganOn what happened defensively against the Vikings:

“We just got our tails kicked in the second half. They were running the ball, throwing the ball. Whatever they wanted to do, they did. It’s frustrating especially the way we played in the first half—the stops we were getting, getting off the field. It’s like a tale of two halves. We were getting decent pressure in the first half and then they made some good adjustments. They started running the zone read and play action passes, which means max protection and they were able to buy Bridgewater a lot of time. Coming into the game, he was a little more stationary in the pocket. But today he was all over the place and made a lot of plays with his legs. So you got to credit him. It’s very frustrating. The difference between 4-5 and 3-6 is huge in the NFL, especially with the momentum we thought we had accumulated from the Tennessee and Dallas wins. And to not finish off this game the way we started was pretty frustrating.

Alfred Morris On if running the ball was easier with RGIII back in the lineup:

“Defenses have to honor Robert because he can run, and he’s more of a threat on the ground as opposed to some of the quarterbacks we have, so you have to honor him. He’s one of those guys that can open up some things for you.”

Alfred MorrisOn how he views things moving forward:

“There are still a lot of games to be played, still a lot to play for.”

Robert Griffin III – On the bus accident on the way to the game:

“Myself and Darrel Young were sitting at the very front, and we saw the bus hit the bus and we both thought we were gonna fall out the window shield. Everybody got a little bit of whiplash I believe. We bumped our knees on the front of the little guard ’cause we were sitting there in the front. It was scary, man, scary to be in that situation.”

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