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Redskins Practice Notes, Quotes & Injury Report 10-29-2014

Redskins Practice Notes, Quotes & Injury Report 10-29-2014

Quarterback Robert Griffin III was a full participant in Redskins practice on Wednesday. He and Colt McCoy split first team reps. Griffin was sporting a much smaller ankle brace then he had on last week during practice and appeared ready to go. I would be surprised if he doesn’t play Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.


Jason HatcherOn the pressure the defense put on Cowboy’s QB Tony Romo

“We weren’t trying to knock him out the game at all. We just applied pressure, not letting him out the pocket; we did a great job of doing that. When he gets out the pocket, he makes all those big plays, so we kept in the pocket, did a great job and the blitz came free.”

Jay Gruden – On if he would like the decision at quarterback made by Thursday:

“Yeah, I would like to have one soon, but this one is a little unique circumstance because I am not going to know for sure until I see Robert actually go through the process with our guys. So I want to make sure I really evaluate where he is and, like I said, I think from a physical standpoint, he might have been able to play last week, I don’t know. But we are really trying to make sure that A) he goes through these drills on these turf fields and there is no injury afterwards, make sure it is stable which we feel good about that. And then B) just make sure from a quarterback standpoint that he feels good about his reads, his progressions, his pickups, responsibilities, his run responsibilities. You know, it is a lot of information. You take five or six weeks off and you hope that he is in the meetings paying attention but we just want to make sure that he has retained everything and so far it looks pretty good.”

Jay Gruden – On linebacker Trent Murphy and tackle Tom Compton making their first career starts last week:

“Murphy did good. You know, he did really good against the run. We were a little concerned about that but he really stood up against the run and made his presence felt. Pass rush wise, he wasn’t as effective. He was going against a pretty darn good left tackle over there at Dallas but he still was a nuisance, but we expect more from him in the pass rush standpoint but we were impressed with him in the run and for his first game on Monday Night Football we thought he held his own and did a good job. Compton, same thing, there were some plays I know he wish he had back. He went the wrong way on a run and got beat one other time, but for the most part, for his first full game at right tackle, I thought he played pretty darn good. But like everybody else, we expect more from him but I was impressed with both of them.”

Redskins Practice Notes, Quotes & Injury Report 10-29-2014

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