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Redskins Release CB David Amerson

Redskins Release CB David Amerson

Redskins Release CB David Amerson

The Washington Redskins decided to part ways with former 2nd round pick David Amerson on Monday. Amerson’s NFL career started out with a lot of promise, but he’s been highly inconsistent over the past two seasons. He barely played yesterday against the Rams despite Chris Culliver being suspended.

Amerson was part of the 2013 draft class…only Jordan Reed and Chris Thompson remain on the Redskins roster from that class now. Considered to have slipped into the second round, the early questions were on his footwork. Things started to really go south last year when Amerson was given more playing time due to DeAngelo Hall’s injury, and proved to be a liability in coverage.

This season the only time Amerson saw the field was following a D-Hall rib injury. On that series the Dolphins proceeded to pick on him all the way down the field, and got their only score of the first half.

The signing of Will Blackmon last week could have been the last nail in Amerson’s ‘Redskins coffin‘. Blackmon saw extensive time on the field Sunday, and played well likely making today’s roster move easier.

Frank Kearse was moved from the practice squad to the 53-man roster as well. An injury to LB Perry Riley forced the team to keep LB Terrance Plummer on the roster another week, and meant Amerson was the next player out.

Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden spoke about Amerson at his Monday presser:

“Well, we had to get a roster spot. We had [DE Frank] Kearse also. We had some roster spots we needed to take care of. With the guys that we brought in with D-Hall playing well and obviously Culliver, Amerson was just the odd man out unfortunately. He had some good moments here as a Washington Redskin but we thought it was time to make a move and part ways.”

“I just think he just needs to work on his consistency. He does show flashes of being an excellent corner. He’s got the size, he’s got all the measurables that you want as a good cornerback. It’s just for whatever reason they don’t always show on a consistent basis when he is out there. Like I said before, we feel really good about the corner spot and the depth that we have. We had to use that roster spot. I would love to keep him but we just had to do what we had to do. With the injuries to Spaight and now Perry Riley and obviously DeSean Jackson, we have some guys on our 53-man roster that aren’t helping us so we had to unfortunately make a move.”

Amerson will likely land elsewhere…I really like the kid so let’s hope he works on his consistency and turns things around. The Redskins secondary is finally at full-force and the team simply didn’t have the roster space to develop him any longer.

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